Top 17 Tinder Hacks That 10X your results [in 2020]

Written by: John Branson
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There is a lot of Tinder hacks that used to work back in the day that no longer deliver the results you would expect. However, there are still a lot of little Tinder hacks that most people don’t use that will help you get significantly more matches in Tinder and be more successful with them in your conversation as well. Here are our top 17 Tinder hacks that still work today.

Top Tinder Hacks

Best Tinder algorithm hack

Tinder Hack #1: Reset your Tinder account

This is still one of the most effective Tinder hacks as you will 10X the number of your matches when you reset your Tinder account, but you have to be aware of the policy change that put some strong limitations on it.

This will help you in getting a new profile boost and have a second chance to match with those who swiped you left. Before you start a new account, it is recommended to take some new pictures, improve your bios, so you can really take advantage of a second chance.

Tinder Facebook sign up

Important note: unfortunately this doesn’t work the way it used to, as you have to wait 3 months after the deletion of your account to create a new profile if you don’t know the exact way how to do an account reset without waiting three months.

If you are not doing it right, Tinder might shadowban your profile if you restart an account right after you deleted one and don’t’ do it in a way we explained it here.

Here is a guide on how to do a proper Tinder account reset to make sure this Tinder hack really brings what you would expect from it.

Tinder Hack #2: Don’t swipe always right

Be picky with your swiping.

The Tinder swiping hack used to be to the exact opposite of this Tinder hack: to always swipe right with some kind of 3rd partly app, a Tinder autoliker, and then you can decide after you matched with someone to keep your match and start a conversation or unmatch her.

You might think that you increase your chances and save your time by always swiping right, but Tinder algorithm doesn’t like this behavior.

By always swiping right, you teach the Tinder algorithm that you don’t really care about the quality of your matches. Therefore, it will show you girls/guys that are rarely swiped right, as it wants even the unattractive profiles to have matches.

Additionally, swiping right without consideration can also look like bot-like behavior that Tinder will definitely penalize, so you face the risk of a Tinder shadowban.

Here is a nice video that explains this concept:

Like only those Tinder profiles who you find really attractive. This will also help the Tinder algorithm to show you profiles you will most likely find attractive, so these types of profiles will show up more often in your swiping deck.

Best Tinder messaging hacks

Tinder Hack #3: Use Tinder desktop app

Typing on a desktop keyboard is way faster compared to a smartphone. You can save so much time, so you will have more time to go for dates. It also has some keyboard shortcut for navigating the web app to save even more time. For more info check this post.

Tinder desktop - chat conversation screen

Tinder Hack #4:  Start the conversation at the right time

As most people have stuff going on in their life, most people use Tinder actively in the evening hours. It is better to message and start conversations when people are more likely to be on Tinder.

If a person is very popular and getting a ton of messages during the day, she will have a ton of unanswered messages in the evenings, so she will be less likely to answer all the messages. However, if you message her when she is on Tinder, she will more likely reply back immediately.

Tinder Hack #5: Use a Tinder opener that is canned but still customizable

One of the most frequent Tinder advice is to start the conversation based on some specific info you observed on her/his profile. It is true that is works, but it can take plenty of time.

You can do a little bit modified approach and use an opener that is the same for every girl but still can be customizable for the specific girl in just a couple of seconds. You need to brainstorm this opener a little bit, but it is not that difficult to come up with a good one. 

Tinder Hack #6: Message profiles who updated their Tinder feed recently

If you are having a ton of matches then you will also have a lot of conversation where the conversation just stopped, as she has just stopped answering to you.

It can happen for a lot of reasons why she didn’t reply back, but it is a great best practice to try to restart these conversations.

And a great Tinder hack to do this is by messaging those profiles that have updated their profiles recently, like uploaded a new profile picture, changed their bio. You can see all of these in your Tinder Feed, which is basically a Tinder feature of Facebook Newsfeed.

You can be sure that if someone is editing her profiles, she is interested in getting more messages, so the best way to send your message is right after she updated her profile.

Tinder Hack #7: Be direct, and ask her out the right way

First, don’t wait for weeks or months to ask her out on a date. You will never get to know her so well in weeks in an online conversation than in real life in one hour.

Second of all, ask her out the right way. Instead of asking her whether she would like to come to a date with you, be direct and say something like this: “Let us meet up for a coffee/beer tomorrow evening”. If you phrase your date request in the right way, a lot more girls will say yes to meet up with you.

Best Tinder Bio hacks

Tinder Hack #8: Verify your Tinder profile hack

It is a quite new feature from Tinder which lets you verify your Tinder profile to make sure that it is really you who are behind the Tinder profile.

The hack is to simply verify your Tinder profile as soon as you are able to. All you have to do is take a couple of selfies and various poses Tinder asks you to do.

Then Tinder uses some AI algorithm and some human help to determine if it is the same person taking the selfies ad the one they see on the profile pictures. Once you are verified, you get a nice blue checkmark icon on your profile next to your name.

Tinder blue checkmark

As it is a new feature, a lot of accounts have not verified their profile yet, so you can increase your social status if the blue checkmark is displayed on your profile that is still unique on the platform.

This blue checkmark is usually given only to celebrities or high-profile people on other social platforms such as Facebook, or Instagram, so until not too many people verify their profile, you can get a better match ratio for sure by just doing this simple Tinder hack.

Tinder Hack #9: Add a question to your bio that begs an answer

Writing a bio that is perfect is not an easy thing to do, and also depends on what is your goal with Tinder. (long-term dating or just a short-term hookup or something similar).

There are plenty of little Tinder hacks we could share here, but the thing that works us the best way is to add a simple question on your bio that you ask to be answered by your future match.

It has to be a question that is unique, and also a little bit over the top. The question should be a little bit funny, when someone reads it, it should put at least a tiny smile on his or her face.

Take your time, brainstorm on it, but it will be worth it, as you will get way more messages from new matches than ever before. You should add it to your bio in the way similar to this:

“When we match, tell me *the question*”.

This usually works perfectly both for guys and girls, it helped me to mind hack girls to start the conversation with me. (if you are an active male Tinder user, you know then that it is quite a rare thing on Tinder that girls message you first.)

Best Tinder features hack

Tinder Hack #10: Use Passport to get a natural Boost

If you are planning to travel to a place that is far from you it is recommended to enable the Passport feature before you would be actually physically there. (Tinder Passport is a premium feature available if you have Plus or Gold subscription).

When you are using Passport, you will get a boost similar to the one when you are starting a new account, so you will get more visibility and will have a higher chance of matching with someone.

Tinder Passport

But as a hack you can also use Passport to change your Tinder location to places that are out of your general distance settings but still close enough that you could meet up with the girl if you wanted to do so.

This way you get a Boost-like effect without paying anything extra for a Boost or SuperBoost.

Tinder Hack #11: Join to Tinder Swipe Surge

Another great way to get some extra visibility without any extra money is to join Swipe Surges.

Tinder Swipe Surge is a real-time update and notification from Tinder that tells you that the user activity is really high at that moment, and you better open up the app and start swiping.

Tinder Swipe Surge

According to Tinder official statistics, when there is a Swipe Surge your chances of matching someone increases by 250% and a chance of getting a message to your message also by 30%.

We think that the algorithm will also favor those who are participating in the Swipe Surge, by letting them skip a line and get more visibility than a regular profile who is not online.

You will also get a nice badge on your profile that shows you that are in the Swipe Surge.

If you don’t want to miss Swipe Surges, you should enable the notifications from Tinder if they are not enabled yet, so Tinder is able to send you the notification when the Swipe Surge is on.

Tinder Hack #12: Participate in the Swipe Night or in any special promotion

A new special promotion from Tinder is a Swipe Night that is a first-person point-of-view interactive series within Tinder. Besides having fun in an interactive, in-app story, at the end of the episodes you also have the chance to match with those profiles who made the same decisions in the game.

Tinder Swipe Night

After an episode you will be able to swipe active users who also participated in the Swipe Night episode, so just because of this, you will have a higher chance of matching and starting a conversation with someone who is really using the app.

You will also skip the line for users who also watched the Swipe Night episode, so this promotion can also be seen as a free Boost.

Tinder had its first season in 2019, and they renewed it for a second season, so if you are in an eligible country, be sure to join it the next time you have the chance to do so.

Tinder Hack #13: Join Tinder U to get more visibility among your peers

If you are an American college or university student and you haven’t signed up for Tinder U yet, you are missing out big time. All you need is a campus email and be somewhere near to the campus to enable Tinder U mode.

Tinder U

When you are in Tinder U mode, Tinder will show you profiles who are attending the college you go to or colleges that are near to you more often than regular average non-college profiles. This is great for two reasons.

  1.   You will more often swipe profiles who are most likely in a similar demographic group with similar interest (parties, courses, drinking, school)
  2.   Tinder U will also work as a natural boost, as you will get in the first places in the swiping decks of those profiles who are also using Tinder U.

Tinder Premium Subscription Hacks

Tinder Hack #14: Free Tinder Gold Hack

This one hack that allows you to get Tinder Gold for free is the one, where Tinder gets really hacked. Of course, not by you but by a third-party app. It is not an ethical solution and there might be some risk to it, so only do it to your own responsibility

You should check my blog post on it, where I also include three videos that show you step by step how you can get Tinder Golf for free. In all of the cases, you have to download basically a hacked version of Tinder where you can access all golf features for free.

You can read it and check to instructional videos in the blog post: Get Tinder Gold for free hack.

Tinder Hack #15: Almost purchase a subscription – get a discount

If you find the above hacks unethical, we still have a Tinder hack that can you get a big discount from the Tinder premium packages and it is 100% ethical. It is very easy to do.

All you have to do is choose the premium subscription or the premium feature of Tinder you would like to get a discount on. Then you should go and do the steps that are necessary for purchasing it, except in the last step when you would confirm that you want to buy that feature or subscription, leave the checkout.

In this case, Tinder will think that you are really close to buying and you need a last push from them, that they will get to you in a form of a nice discount, which is usually anything from 20 to 50% discount over the original discount you would get.

We managed to get discounts many times with this method, although it might not work always. You should try at least 3 times, always leaving the checkout in the last step.

Tinder Hack #16: Tinder Blur hack

If you don’t have any money, and you don’t want to pay anything for any premium subscription, you can still use the following inspect element hack or blur hack that can provide you with the most valuable feature of the Tinder Gold subscription.

With this hack, you can see who liked your profile without paying anything for Tinder Gold. We have a separate article where we explain everything about it but here is the gist of it.

You have to use the Tinder web version, Tinder Online for this to work. You have to open your Chrome browser on a desktop computer and go to

When you logged in and went to the screen where you can see the blurred profile pictures of the profiles who liked you.

Then you can use the inspect element function of your web browser and do one change in the code (no coding knowledge needed, don’t worry) to see all the unblurred profile pictures of your potential matches. Here is a video that explains it pretty well:

As this needs more detailed instruction, read our separate article on it where we also show with videos how this hack can be done step by step.

Tinder Hack #17: Tinder distance hack

If the unblur Tinder hack doesn’t work anymore, there is still one hack that lets you see in most of the cases who liked you before you have swiped them without buying a Tinder Gold subscription. We call it the distance hack.

What you have to do is change the location setting to the smallest possible one which is 1 mile/ 2km and start swiping. If the person is over 1 mile from you, then there is a high chance that she liked your profile, as Tinder wouldn’t show those profiles you anyway.

The only exception if she is using the Passport feature, but in that case, she is very far from you, so you will know that she is a Passport user.

So that’s it. We only tried to include the most effective Tinder hacks that can you get more matches and be more successful with your matches. However, if you know a Tinder hack that you think is worth to be included in the list, please let us know in the comments below and we will add it to the list

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hack Tinder?

You sure can, but you are better off applying several tactics that might not be against the Terms of Service of Tinder (so they won’t help you in getting your account banned), but also help you get significantly more matches.

Will you get banned for hacking Tinder?

Well, if you get caught, we are sure you will be. However, there are still hacks that you can use without coding from a dark room that will help you get better results and won’t lead to Tinder blocking your account.