Swipe Left vs Swipe Right? – Master Swiping on Tinder [2021]

Written by: John Branson
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Right swipe or left swipe on Tinder should be an easy decision, right? Well, maybe you should rethink how you decide on a left or a swipe right as we will explain in this article.

In this blog post, we are going to answer also (for those who are just starting out with Tinder, what a right swipe is, what a left swipe is on Tinder and how they work, is there a swipe limit on Tinder, can you take back a swipe and many more questions

What does swipe right mean on Tinder?

Tinder Right Swipe

Tinder Swipe Right(on the online dating app Tinder) means that you find a profile attractive by moving your finger to the right across an image of them on a touchscreen.

So if you like someone on Tinder, you swipe them right. And if the feelings are mutual, you also received a right swipe from her, you have an instant match on Tinder.

You can also swipe right profiles on Tinder by tapping on the green star on the screen, which will also like the profile and will get you a match if the profile has or will swipe you right as well.

What happens when you swipe right on Tinder?

When you swipe right a profile on Tinder, two things can happen. You will either get an instant match if the other person has already swiped you right or nothing will happen at least after your right swipe.

In a lot of cases, if you don’t get a match instantly it doesn’t mean that the other profile swiped you left, it can also indicate that you haven’t come up in her swiping deck yet. So it is possible that you will match with her later.

The great thing about Tinder that made it extremely successful is that you will only know and get notified when the other person also swipes you right. You will never know if someone found you unattractive and swiped you left. Tinder takes out the most unpleasant feeling of dating: rejection.

This swiping innovation turned out to be so successful for Tinder that basically every competitor since then – most prominently, Bumble – has copied this fundamental feature.

What does swipe left mean on Tinder?

Tinder Swipe Left on Tinder means that you do not find a profile attractive by moving your finger to the left across an image of them on a touchscreen.

In this case, you won’t match with her and she won’t be able to match with you even if she swiped your right.

Tinder Swipe left is also a final decision, if you swipe someone left, you will never be able to match with her again as Tinder does not curate profile after you swiped them.

The only exception is when you or the profile you swiped left reset their Tinder profiles as then you have a chance again to match again.

Tinder Swipe up

There is a third type of swiping on Tinder, which is swiping up. When you swipe up a profile you will super like him or her. By Super Liking someone you will let her know that you like her before she would swipe your left or right.

You can also tap on the blue star found on the middle of the screen if you want to super like a profile.

When to swipe left or right

It should be pretty obvious who you should swipe right or left? Well, maybe this question is more complicated than it seems to be at the first sight. Actually, the best thing you can do with your swiping is to be as picky as you can be.

Why you should not always swipe right

First, it is important to emphasize that the algorithm won’t like your profile if you swipe right in almost any case.

A lot of people thought it was a clever strategy to autolike every Tinder profile and once you match with someone, you can decide if you want to keep that Tinder match or just unmatch her. Maybe you are thinking, you would save time with this approach, however, this strategy sends a bad message to the Tinder algorithm.

By using this strategy Tinder will think that the quality of profiles doesn’t matter to you, so they will keep showing you profiles that most people swipe left.

So you might get more matches with this strategy without a huge effort, you won’t be happy with the quality of your Tinder matches.

To learn more about the Tinder algorithm, watch this tutorial:

Also, Tinder doesn’t allow any 3rd party app to automate liking on Tinder for you. They can easily detect that you are using one and your behavior is similar to a Tinder bot. If they find out that you use an auto liking service your profile might get banned or shadowbanned without warning.

Be picky with your right swipes

Swiping right or left is also not as trivial as it seems. Based on personal experience and research, the algorithm favors profiles that are picky with their right swipes.

Many people fall in the trap to use Tinder as a game where you have to swipe right profiles that you find hot or good-looking. However, if you are using Tinder what it is meant for, meeting people in real life, you should have a different mindset when swiping left or right.

The question you should ask yourself when you are deciding over Tinder left or a right swipe is “Would I want to go for a date with this person?”. If the answer is yes, then swipe right. If it is a no, then don’t swipe right even if she looks very attractive.

Also, if you don’t have a Tinder Gold and Plus subscription and you are an active Tinder user you will be out of likes every day, so it is better to use these valuable likes on people you would really want to meet up.

Tinder Swipe Limit

As you most likely know if you are using Tinder, there is a right swipe limit on Tinder that limits the amount of right swipe you can do on Tinder.

Tinder Right Swipe Limit

There is no official information from Tinder regarding how they limit the number of right swipes you can have on Tinder.

What we know is that they limit the number of swipes in a 12-hour window. You can also see this when you are out of swipes you are shown the following screen.

Tinder Out of Likes

Based on personal experience with a free Tinder account you will get around 50-100 right swipes in a 12 hour period. We can speculate that it is a higher number for girls and closer to 50 for guys and Tinder can also change it based on your user behavior.

Tinder Left Swipe Limit

While Tinder right swipes are limited when you don’t have a Tinder premium subscription, you have unlimited left swipes on Tinder whether you pay for Tinder premium packages or not.

As we said, it is one more reason to be picky with your right swipes and only like profiles who you would actually meet up with.

Taking Back a Tinder Swipe Back

You can take back or cancel your last swipe on Tinder if you are a subscriber to either Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

Take back a Tinder left swipe

Accidentally swiped left on Tinder? No worries, Tinder left swipes can be taken back in any possible scenario with Tinder Rewind.

It doesn’t really matter whether the person you swiped left accidentally, swiped you right or left, or haven’t swiped you yet, as you can’t match with her.

Of course, they can only be taken back if you have access to Tinder Gold or Plus. All you have to do is to tap in the yellow arrow at the bottom left of your screen.

The only limitation you have is that only your very last swipe can be taken back.

Cancel a Tinder right swipe

The situation is a little bit different with Tinder right swipes. The reason for this is when a profile has already swiped you right and you accidentally swipe her right, it becomes an instant match.

In this case, you obviously can’t take the right swipe back as it is a match already. If this happens then you can go to the person’s profile and just simply unmatch her.

If you right swipe someone and it is not an instant match you can cancel the right swipe the same way as a left swipe.

This limitation is actually still better than on Bumble where only left swipes can be taken back.

Taking back a Tinder Swipe up

Tinder Swipe Ups a.k.a. Tinder Super Likes work the same way as Tinder right swipes if you have access to Tinder Rewind. If you instant match with the person you swiped up you cannot take back the swipe up.

Your only option again is to go to your match’s profile and unmatch her right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which way do you swipe on tinder?

If you find someone attractive and want to have a conversation with her, you should swipe her right. If she also find you attractive she will swipe you right, you will get a Tinder match and start a conversation with her. If you don’t want to match with someone just swipe her left, you won’t see her ever again.

How many swipes do you get on Tinder?

Whereas Tinder Left swipes are unlimited, it is estimated that you get 50-100 right swipes in a 12 hour period with a free account. If you have access to Tinder subscriptions you also have unlimited likes.

Does Tinder show the same person twice?

If you have already swiped left or right someone, he should never pop up in your swiping deck ever again. There are 3 exceptions when this can still happen: it is either a Tinder bug, it is a fake or bot profile, or the person deleted then reset her profile.

Will Tinder show you someone who you already swiped left?

No, they won’t show up ever again in your discovery screen profile who you have swiped left. The only exception is when they or you reset their Tinder profiles.

How do you know if someone swiped right on Tinder?

Besides match with him or her, the only way to find out is the See Who Likes you screen where you can see all the profiles that have swiped you right but you haven’t swiped them yet. You can have access to this screen if you have Tinder Gold or using the famous blur hack.

Does Tinder show you profiles that you already swiped right?

Even if you deleted your match or she unmatched you, she won’t show up in your discovery screen ever again. The only exception is you or she has deleted and reset Tinder.

How does Tinder matching work?

When two Tinder users swipe right on each other in the Discovery screen, they will get a Tinder Match and they can start messaging each other. It is not enough for a match if only one of them swiped right and the other one swiped left or has not swiped yet.