What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder?

Written by: John Branson
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Are you a new Tinder User and don’t know what does the blue star mean on Tinder? No worries, we are here for you and going to explain everything you have to know about the Tinder Blue star icon in this Tinder feature tutorial.

What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder?

The Tinder Blue star is the sign of the Tinder Super Like so it means that someone used Tinder Super Like on you.

Tinder SuperLike on a profile

Super Like is a premium feature on Tinder that allows you to explicitly show someone that you like her before she would swipe you right. The blue star sign will show up when you Super Like someone or when someone Super Liked you.

You get 5 of them for if you have Tinder Plus or Gold, and 1 for free if you only have a free Tinder account.

Where can you see the Blue star on Tinder?

You can find the blue star in multiple places while using Tinder.

Blue Stars in the Tinder Discovery screen

If you are swiping other profiles in the Discovery screen and see a profile who has a slue star on their profile, it means that they SuperLiked you. The bottom of their profile picture will also have blue shady background indicating that they Super Liked you.

If you are swiping profiles, you can also Super Like someone by swiping her profile up or just tapping on the Blue star icon.

Tinder Icons - bottom of the screen

Blue stars in the Tinder Match list

You can also find the Blue Star, once you matched with a profile in the match list area, where the person who SuperLiked you or you have SuperLiked her will have the blue star next to her name.

Super Like in Messages

Blue Star on Tinder Top Picks

If you have Tinder Gold, you can see 10 Top Picks every day, or if you have a free account you can see 1 Top Pick per day.

When you open the Top Picks screen, you can see the blue stars directly on the Tinder Top Picks profile. This means that you can SupeLike these profiles directly from the Top Picks screen without tapping on their profile and Super Liking them there.

Top Picks Tinder Gold Super Like

However, these blue stars are the same in functionality as regular blue stars in your swiping deck. You might think that the reason they are on the profiles that you can Super Like these profiles without costing you any additional Super Like.

However, this is not the case, if you use it on a Tinder Top Pick, you will lose 1 Super Like from your daily 5 Super Likes you have (when you have a premium subscription).

You should definitely not spend money on buying more Super Likes for your Tinder Top Picks, as it is rare anyway that you will match with them.

Should You Use Tinder Blue Stars?

You can try out them, as you get 1 for free every day, but most likely they are not worth itit. Tinder Blue Stars, a.k.a Tinder Super Likes are considered needy by most Tinder users. We have a separate article where we go deep everything related to Tinder Blue stars,  and explain how you might be able to try to use them effectively to get you more matches.

You can also check out this video where a guy shares a viewpoint about Tinder Super Like that we very much agree with:

FAQ on Tinder Blue Star

What does the Blue Star mean on Tinder?

The Blue Star on Tinder represents a Tinder Blue Star, which indicates that someone has used a Super Like on you.

Where can I see the Blue Star on Tinder?

You can encounter the Blue Star in various areas while using Tinder.

Blue Star in the Tinder Discovery screen: When swiping profiles in the Discovery screen, if you come across a profile with a Blue Star, it means that person has Super Liked you. Their profile picture will also have a blue shaded background to indicate the Super Like.

Blue Star in the Tinder Match list: Once you match with a profile, the person who Super Liked you or whom you Super Liked will have a Blue Star next to their name in the match list.

Blue Star on Tinder Top Picks: If you have Tinder Gold, the Top Picks section will display profiles with Blue Stars. These Blue Stars function similarly to regular Blue Stars, allowing you to Super Like these profiles directly from the Top Picks screen.

How do I use a Blue Star (Super Like) on Tinder?

To use a Blue Star (Super Like) on Tinder, you can swipe a profile up or tap the Blue star icon. This action will send a notification to the person, indicating that you have Super Liked them.

How many Blue Stars (Super Likes) do I get on Tinder?

For free Tinder accounts, you receive one free Blue Star (Super Like) per day. If you have Tinder Plus or Gold, you get five Blue Stars (Super Likes) per day.

Can I see who Blue Starred (Super Liked) me on Tinder?

Yes, when someone Blue Stars (Super Likes) you on Tinder, you will see a Blue Star on their profile in the Discovery screen. Their profile picture will also have a blue background to indicate the Super Like.

Are Blue Stars (Super Likes) effective on Tinder?

The effectiveness of Blue Stars (Super Likes) on Tinder varies from person to person. Some users appreciate the extra attention and are more likely to engage with a Super Like, while others may view it differently. It’s important to use Blue Stars (Super Likes) judiciously and genuinely.

Can I undo a Blue Star (Super Like) on Tinder?

Yes, if you accidentally Blue Star (Super Like) someone on Tinder, you can undo it by tapping the yellow star icon on their profile. This action will remove the Super Like.

Can I buy more Blue Stars (Super Likes) on Tinder?

Yes, if you want more than the daily allotment of Blue Stars (Super Likes), you can purchase additional ones through Tinder’s in-app purchases. However, it’s advisable to use them