Is Bumble Down? – Here Is How To Check If Bumble Is Not Working

Written by: John Branson
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Is Bumble down right now? Or do you have other issues that prevent you from using the popular online dating app, Bumble? 

In this blog post, we are going to share with you how you can check if Bumble is down or not working. We will show you three different ways so you can make sure that if you can’t log in to Bumble, this issue is caused by a technical issue from Bumble.

Is Bumble Down? – Check a down detector

The easiest way to check if Bumble is down is to check one of the popular down detector services. These services monitor Bumble servers permanently and users can also report issues if they face a login or other technical issue.

One of the most popular down detectors is  Here they will clearly say if Bumble is experiencing some technical issues right now.

Is Bumble Down - down detector

The best practice to confirm if Bumble is having a technical issue is to check another down detector like Here you can also see from which cities users reported issues about using Bumble.

Bumble servers down

Is Bumble having some technical issues? – Check Bumble Social accounts

You might be able to log in, but you can’t send any messages or swipe profiles. In this case, down detectors might not be able to help you. 

In this case, a good way to check if Bumble is having some technical issue or bug is to check Bumble’s social accounts. 

They have a dedicated support page on Facebook and Twitter as well, where they are likely to post about technical issue users might experience at the moment.

contact Bumble

Still can’t log in to Bumble? – Contact Bumble Support

If both down detectors and social media accounts confirmed that Bumble is not experiencing any technical issues then the problem must be with your Bumble account. Your Bumble profile might have been banned or blocked because you violated the terms of Service

If you think that you didn’t do anything that you would get your account banned, you can also try to contact Bumble Support team. We have a dedicated post about how you can contact Bumble Support and Customer Service team.