Tinder Rewind – How to take your last swipe back on Tinder?

Written by: John Branson
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The worst thing that can happen to anyone on Tinder is swiping accidentally left a person you find very-very attractive. Of course, Tinder has a solution for this called Tinder Rewind, even if you to have be a paying subscriber to be able to use this.

In this guide, we cover every question you might have had about Tinder Rewind. How does it work, how much does it cost, is there a hack to get it for free without paying for Plus or Gold subscription and many more. At the end of this article, we also an FAQ about the most frequently asked questions about Tinder Rewind.

What is Tinder Rewind?

Tinder Rewind

Tinder Rewind is a premium feature on Tinder that lets you take your last swipe back whether it was a right swipe (like) or a left swipe (a nope), a SuperLike.

You get access to this feature if you are a subscriber to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, the monthly subscription packages of Tinder.

How to your last swipe back on Tinder?

It is really easy to cancel your last swipe whether you swiped left or right:

If you accidentally swiped left on tinder

You have to tap to the yellow arrow icon on the bottom left of the main screen. You don’t have to confirm anything, your left swipe will be taken back immediately and right swipe the profile right away.

Tinder Rewind Yellow sign

If you accidentally swiped right on tinder

It is exactly the same thing when you right swiped someone, you have to tap on the same yellow arrow icon on the bottom left of the main screen. (it is the same in the browser version of the app.) One difference is that if you right swipe someone and it is an instant match you can’t take it back for obvious reasons. In this case, go to her or his profile and unmatch with her.

Tinder Rewind cost

You can only use Tinder Rewind if you are subscribed to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. You can’t purchase Tinder Rewind as a feature separately.

Tinder Rewind

Tinder Plus is around 9.99 USD to 19.99 USD per month whereas Tinder Gold is around 19.99-29.99 USD per month if you subscribe for 1 month. You can get a pretty big discount if you commit to a longer subscription period.

If you subscribe to either Gold or Plus subscription, you also get access to all the features available in Tinder Plus, such as 1 Boost per month, 5 free Super Likes per day, Unlimited Likes, No ads, Tinder Passport, etc. If you are a Gold Subscriber you can also have access to  Top Picks and the Likes You feature.

Tinder Rewind for free hack

There are several third-party app or scripts that claim to help you in taking your last swipe back for free. The problem is that as Tinder Rewind is a paid feature, Tinder is not really supportive of these third-party solutions and are trying to take down these apps and scripts.

You can find most of these solutions by googling “Tinder Rewind Hack” although most of them will no longer work because of Tinder’s efforts. Even if you find a solution that still works, I would be very cautious using any of them as it is against Tinder’s Terms of Service to use these, and it can result in Tinder banning your account.

Tinder Rewind is not working

If Tinder Rewind is not working, you should check the following points before contacting Tinder Support:

  1. You can only use Tinder Rewind if you have a subscription for Tinder Gold or Plus
  2. You can only take your last swipe back, so you can’t take more than 1 swipe back at once
  3. If it is an instant Tinder match, you can’t take your last swipe back obviously. In this case, just simply delete the match by going to the given profile

If none of this helped, contact Tinder Support and they might be able to help you.

Tinder Rewind Review

All in all Tinder Rewind is a very useful feature, it is definitely one of the features that makes it worthwhile to buy a Tinder subscription. Although we have to add, that Bumble gives its similar feature basically free to users whereas on Tinder you have to pay for it.

Here is also a great take on accidental left swife:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Tinder Rewind not working?

You can only use Tinder Rewind if you have a Tinder Plus or Gold Subscription. If you have a subscription, you can only take back your very last swipe, so you can’t use rewind two times at the same time.

Can you take your last swipe back for free on Tinder?

There are 3rd party apps and scripts that let you do that but you should be cautious using those as that is against Tinder’s Terms of Service sou you are risking getting your account banned.

Can you Take back a Super Like?

Yes, you can take back your SuperLike just like your left or right swipes on Tinder. The only exception if the SuperLike becomes a match. In this case, you can’t take the SuperLike back, but you can unmatch the person immediately.

How do I find someone on Tinder that I accidentally swiped left on?

You can’t. If you didn’t use Rewind right after the left swipe happened there is no way to see that profile again. Your only option is to delete and reset your Tinder account so you can match with him or her again.