Tinder Super Boost – Is Tt Worth It? (in 2024)

Written by: John Branson
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In this blog post, we are going to tell you everything that is currently known about Tinder Super Boost, Tinder’s new premium feature that is at the time of this writing available in select countries. Is it different from Tinder regular Boost feature, and is it worth the price? Read on and you will find an unbiased honest review about Tinder Super Boost.Tinder Super Boost

What is Tinder Super Boost?

Tinder Super Boost Worth

Tinder Super Boost is a premium feature on Tinder that allows you to be a top profile in your neighborhood for 180 minutes and get 100X more profile views and get significantly more matches. Its one-time price is around 30 USD.

Tinder Super Boost is basically a Tinder Boost with more power as it gives you more visibility than regular Tinder Boost.

As it is in the beta phase, it is not available globally, so you might have no chance to purchase it and try it out at this moment.

How to use Tinder Super Boost?

To enable a Tinder Super Boost:

  1. Open up Tinder
  2. Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner
  3. Tap on the Boost button  on the bottom of your screen
  4. Choose Super Boost by tapping on “Unlock Super Boost”
  5. Purchase Super Boost
  6. Your Super Boost is on, go and smash the like button.

Tinder Boost vs Tinder Super Boost

Tinder Boost only gives your 30 minutes of prime time, Tinder Super Boost lasts for 180 minutes. Tinder claims that it gives you 100 times more profile visibility in the one and a half-hour compared to a profile without any boost. Tinder Boost increases your visibility 10 times, so you can easily calculate that Tinder Super Boost gives 10 times more profiles views than a regular Tinder Boost.

Tinder Super Boost is only available for Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers whereas Tinder Boost can be purchased by any Tinder users.

Another main difference between the two types of Boost is that Tinder Boost can be used at any time of the day while Super Boost is only available in the evenings when most of the people are on Tinder and do a lot of swiping.

We would suggest anyway to only use Boost or Tinder Super Boost during the peak hours to maximize its effectiveness. It is nice from Tinder that it only allows to use Tinder Super Boost when it can guarantee to give you the desired visibility it promises.

How much does Tinder Super Boost cost?

Right now, the price of one Tinder SuperBoost is around 30 USD. As with all Tinder premium features, it is also true for Tinder Super Boost that the costs can differ based on your age, location and whether you are a man or woman. Because it is a new feature Tinder will most likely offer discounts so you might be able to get it for a relatively low introductory price.

The pricing seems fair if we accept Tinder’s claim of 100X profile visibility. Based on this metric Tinder Super Boost is 10 times better than a regular boost and the price is only less than four times higher. Great deal, right? Maybe.

Is Tinder Super Boost Worth it? – Review

Well, let’s face the facts. Even if you have a high-quality profile, men on Tinder have experienced declining match numbers recently. Some suggest that the ratio of men to women has worsened in the platform, and the competition for visibility has also intensified because of the regular Boost users.

Using a regular Tinder Boost nowadays can’t guarantee the same amount of high match number, it used to give a couple of years ago. From a business perspective, it makes sense for Tinder to introduce Tinder Super Boost that will give you similar or even better results than Tinder Boost gave when it was first introduced.

So, is it worth it? Based on our experience, Super Boost will definitely give you extremely high visibility in these 180 minutes that will result in a lot of new matches if your profile is optimized enough. If you don’t have enough matches to work on, and regular Boost doesn’t give you the result you would want I think it is worth trying Tinder Super Boost if you can afford the price.

Do you want to see a real-life case study? Check out this video:

There you have it, everything you must know about Tinder’s brand new premium feature, Tinder Super Boost. Have you tried it? What was your experience? Is it worth the price? Or do you have any questions we did not answer in the article? Let us know in the comment section and we will try to answer every question you have about Super Boost or anything Tinder related.

Super Boost Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ✅Where is Tinder Super Boost available?

    Right Now, Tinder Super Boost Is Only Available In Select Countries. If You Don’t See Tinder Super Boost Option In Your Profile Section, Most Likely Tinder Has Not Yet Introduced It In Your County. But Don’t Worry, They Are Rolling It Out Gradually In All Countries, So Sooner Or Later You Will Have Access To It As Well.

  2. ✅When can you use Tinder Super Boost?

    Tinder Super Boost is only available during peak hours, mostly in the evening when a lot of people are actively using the app. Regular Tinder Boost can be enabled any time.

  3. ✅What is the difference between Tinder Boost and Tinder Super Boost?

    1. Tinder Super Boost gives you 100X more visibility than a regular profile and lasts 180 minutes while Tinder Boost only lasts 30 minutes and give a 10X visibility boost
    2. Tinder Super Boost price is around 30 USD, whereas Boost is around 8 USD. Price can change based on your gender, location and age.
    3. Tinder Super Boost is only available during peak hours. This way Tinder can guarantee to give you the huge visibility boost it promises.