Bumble Premium Review: Is It Worth It? [in 2021]

Written by: John Branson
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Bumble has recently split its premium subscription into two packages. They kept the Bumble Boost subscription and also introduced Bumble Premium which is the more expensive subscription with more exclusive subscriber-only features.

In this post, we are going to explain everything you have to know about Bumble Premium:

  • Exclusive Bumble Premium Features
  • Bumble Premium pricing
  • Bumble Premium Review
  • Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Let’s dive in.

What is Bumble Premium?

Bumble Premium is the higher-level subscription of Bumble that gives you exclusive premium features that are not available for free Bumble users and some features that are not available for Boost subscribers.

Bumble Premium Review and Features

As you get way more features with Bumble Premium, it is also significantly more expensive than Bumble Boost. Are these Premium features worth the price? Let’s see what these features are.

Bumble Premium Features

When you purchase a Bumble Premium subscription, here are the features you get access to:

  • Unlimited Bumble Filters
  • Bumble Beeline
  • Bumble Travel mode
  • Bumble Rematch
  • Bumble Incognito mode

Besides these exclusive features, you will also get all Bumble Boost features that are:

Now, let’s take a closer look at Bumble Premium features.

Unlimited Bumble Filters

Bumble Filters can be useful if you are looking for someone very specific. Without Bumble Premium, you can only set two Bumble filters. If you are a Bumble Premium subscriber you can set up as many filters as you wish.

Bumble Beeline

Bumble Beeline is the feature you need if you don’t like swiping through a bunch of profiles and want to just go through a list of people who swiped you already right.

These profiles are called admirers and if you swipe them right they will be an instant Bumble match. This can be useful for you if you are getting a ton of matches on Bumble.

Bumble Travel Mode

Bumble Travel mode, similar to Tinder Passport can be used to change your location to any part of the world and swipe there as you were a local.

This used to be a feature you could purchase separately for Bumble Coins, however now it is only available as a feature of the Bumble Premium subscription.

Bumble Rematch

One of the distinguishing features of Bumble is the 24 hour-rule which means that girls have to start the conversation in 24 hours otherwise the match expires and the match disappears. If you have Bumble Premium, you can use the Bumble Rematch feature to rematch with your expired matches.

Bumble Incognito

Bumble Incognito is one of the newest Bumble features. If you buy Bumble Premium, you can use Bumble Incognito to only show up for people who you swiped right on Bumble. Bumble Incognito mode

This Bumble Premium feature helps you to keep a low profile and is necessary if you don’t want your friends, colleagues, or family members to know that you are using Bumble.

Bumble Premium cost

As Bumble Premium has more features than Bumble Boost, it is also pricier. Currently, Bumble Premium costs around 32,99 USD for 1 month but you can get a better price if you subscribe for a longer period.

Bumble Premium cost

Sometimes, Bumble also provides Bumble Premium lifetime subscription opportunities so if you are happy with the Premium features, consider upgrading for Bumble Premium for a lifetime.

Bumble Premium Review

If you want to get access to all the premium Bumble features, you have to purchase a Bumble Premium subscription.

However, when they introduced the new Bumble Premium subscription, there was a little bit disappointment. There wasn’t any exciting feature introduced for the Premium subscribers that would make the Bumble experience so much better and help you make way more matches and have better conversations.

If we want to be cynical, the introduction of Bumble Premium wasn’t really about features but a new way how Bumble could have a higher-level subscription for an increased price and ultimately for higher revenue and profit.

Is Bumble Premium worth it?

It is difficult to answer in general if Bumble Premium is worth its price. You have to take a look at the extra premium features you get access to it and decide if these extra features are worth the premium subscription

To be honest, most of these features won’t really help you to get significantly more matches and they just make the Bumble experience a little bit smoother.

As Bumble Premium is twice as expensive as Bumble Boost, in most cases we would first stick with the Bumble Boost plan, as you get the most important extra features with that subscription as well. (Backtrack, Unlimited swiping.)