Bumble Spotlight – Is It Worth It In 2023?

Written by: John Branson
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Bumble Spotlight is arguably the most useful premium feature of Bumble. As Bumble has become a more crowded platform, it is worthwhile to get more profile visibility. This is what Spotlight can do for you.

In this Bumble feature guide, we are going over everything you have to know about Bumble Spotlight to be able to use it effectively. What is it and how does it work, how much does it cost, when is the best time to use it, and many more.

What is Bumble Spotlight?

Bumble Spotlight

Bumble Spotlight is a premium feature on Bumble that helps you gain more profile visibility. You can activate a Spotlight by buying two Bumble Coins, and your profile will become one of the top Bumble profiles in the swiping deck of your neighborhood for 30 minutes.

This will increase your visibility and if your Bumble profile is good enough, you will definitely get more matches in the dating app thanks to Bumble Spotlight.

How does Bumble Spotlight work?

To active Spotlight, you need to purchase it with Bumble coins. (see pricing below). If you have at least two Bumble coins, then head over to your Profile page and at the bottom left, tap on Spotlight. Now, Spotlight is on for 30 minutes.

You will see that your profile is highlighted with stars appearing on the top of the app, but don’t worry, your potential matches will have no clue that they see your profile because you enabled Spotlight.

Bumble Spotlight worth it

How much does Bumble Spotlight cost?

One Bumble Spotlight costs two Bumble Coins, the in-app currency of the online dating app. One Bumble coin costs anywhere from 2 to 1.25 USD depending on how much you buy at once.

As you need at least two Bumble coins, you must buy 5 coins at once minimum that cost 8 USD, which means you can get it for around 3.2 USD. If you buy more coins at once you can get it for as cheap as 2.5 USD. We think it is a fair price for a great feature that will most likely gain you significantly more matches.

When is the best time to use Bumble Spotlight?

As you get 30 minutes of prime time, the best time to use Bumble Spotlight is when most people are online and will have a chance to see your profile and match with you. According to studies on Bumble, this period is on Sunday nights, from around 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Generally, we suggest you enabling Spotlight in evenings as people tend to use the messaging during the days and be more active with the swiping during the evenings.

To get the highest number of matches during your Spotlight, you should improve your profile, here are some tips for that:

Bumble Boost vs Tinder Boost

It is easy to be confused by the name Boost. In Bumble, Boost is the premium subscription similar to Tinder Plus where you get premium features that non-paying members don’t have access to such as unlimited Bumble Filters, Bumble Extend, Rematch and Unlimited Swiping. On Tinder, Boost is the name of the feature that can give you 30 minutes of high visibility. The same feature on Bumble is called Spotlight.

The most likely reason for the different names can be traced back to the fact that Bumble copied most of these premium features from Tinder and they had to give at least different names to avoid being called out for stealing everything from Tinder.

Bumble Spotlight vs Tinder Boost

As we have explained, the comparable feature to Spotlight in Tinder is Tinder Boost. The functionality is basically the same, you also get 30 minutes of prime time on Tinder with Boost. Although as Tinder is more crowded, it is more likely that it is not as valuable on Tinder as it is on Bumble.

Tinder has introduced Super Boost that gives you 100 times more profile visibility for 180 minutes. Bumble hasn’t introduced a Super Spotlight yet which might also mean that Spotlight is still working better in Bumble. Although it is great that on Tinder you can get SuperBoost, this new feature also implies that Tinder Boost has not been as effective lately as when it has been first introduced.

You can see one more difference in pricing. Although pricing is not fixed on either of these platforms, in Bumble one Spotlight costs around half the price of a Tinder Boost. However, on Tinder you get one Boost for free per month basically, if you purchase Tinder Plus. In Bumble you don’t get any Spotlight for free if you purchase Bumble Boost.

Is Bumble Spotlight worth it?

Yes, it is worth using if you live in a crowded area, where Bumble is a popular online dating app and there is no chance that every active user in the neighborhood will get to see your profile. If they don’t see you, they can’t match with you. Bumble Spotlight provides a great solution to this problem.

However, if you live in a rural area where the number of Bumble users is relatively low, it is a waste of money to use Spotlight as your profile will be seen with or without Spotlight anyway. In this case, it might be more worthwhile to try out SuperSwipe that shows a profile that you like him or her before they would swipe you right.

Bumble Spotlight review

All in all, Bumble Spotlight is probably the best premium feature one the online dating app, Bumble that can increase the number of your matches significantly only by making you a top profile in your neighborhood for 30 minutes. It is great value for money, as you can get a Spotlight for two Bumble coins, around 2.5 to 3.5 USD.

Maybe one thing that is negative compared to Tinder similar feature and is worth highlighting that you don’t get any Spotlight with Bumble Boost,  you must buy at least Bumble coins to try the Spotlight feature.

That is it. Everything you must know about Bumble Spotlight. Have you used it before? Was it worth it? Is it better than Tinder Boost? Please share it with us in the comment section below. If you have any questions, let us know and we will answer it for you as soon as we can.

What Is The Best Time To Activate Bumble Spotlight?

The best time to use Spotlight is 8-10 PM every evening, with Sunday being the best day. Generally, use the Spotlight during the evenings as you will earn the most visibility during this period.

How Long Does Bumble Spotlight Last?

Bumble Spotlight lasts half an hour, it gives high visibility for your profile for 30 minutes.

I Used Spotlight And Didn’t Get Any Matches. Does Spotlight work?

Yes, Spotlight really works, it is more likely that you didn’t use Spotlight the right way. If you live in a rural area and your profile has already been shown to most men or women in the neighborhood you won’t get any boost from Spotlight. Another reason might be that your profile sucks, you don’t have great pictures. Don’t forget, you only get higher visibility. So just because someone sees your profile doesn’t mean she or he will swipe you right.

Can You Get a Refund for Bumble Spotlight?

No, Spotlight can’t be refunded, neither Bumble coins the in-app currency of Bumble that you can spend on Bumble Spotlights. If Bumble Spotlight hasn’t brought you the desired effect, maybe you should try Bumble SuperSwipe.

Can You Get Bumble Spotlight For Free?

No, there is no way to get Bumble Spotlight for free. However, if you think you are not getting enough matches, then first work on you profile, get better pictures, this can boost the number of matches you get and it is free.

Is Bumble Spotlight the Same As Tinder Boost?

Yes, the functionality is quite the same. Both features give you 30 minutes of high profile visibility.