Bumble SuperSwipe – Is it worth the extra money? Review (2020)

Written by: John Branson
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In this article, we are sharing with you everything you have ever wanted to know about Bumble SuperSwipe, one of the premium features that has to be purchased separately from Bumble Boost subscription. How does it work, how much does it cost, is it worth the money, and many more. At the end of the article, you will also find a FAQ of Bumble SuperSwipe.

What is Bumble SuperSwipe?

Bumble SuperSwipe

Bumble SuperSwipe is a paid feature on Bumble that enables you to notify a potential match that you like him or her before she would like you back.

As Bumble says on its official site, it is the digital equivalent of walking to someone and introducing yourself and telling her you like her. Well, with Bumble SuperSwipe, you need to have way less courage to do this on Bumble.

How Does Bumble SuperSwipe Work?

If you want to SuperSwipe someone on Bumble, you have to tap the yellow heart icon on the bottom right of the profile you want to super swipe. Once you Superswipe someone, they will get a notification from Bumble that they have been super swiped by someone and they will see an icon appear on the bottom left over the profiles that superswiped them.

For a brief video explanation on Bumble SuperSwipe, check out this official video from Bumble:

SuperSwipe Price – Is it worth it?

In order to be able to use SuperSwipe you have to purchase Bumble Coins. One SuperSwipe costs one bumble coin. If you buy more than one coins at once it is cheaper per coin. Here is the current pricing of Bumble coins:

  • 1 coin costs 1.99 USD
  • 5 coins cost 7.99 USD
  • 10 coins cost 14.99 USD
  • 20 coins cost 24.99 USD

Basically, the more you buy, the better deal you get.

Bumble Coins

Tinder SuperLike vs Bumble Superswipe

Bumble SuperSwipe has been completely copied from the big competitor paid feature, Tinder Super Like. Although it is a clear copy, there are some differences you have to keep in mind.

First of all, you get one SuperLike per day for free in Tinder, whereas On Bumble you have to pay for every SuperSwipe you want to use.

Getting something free is always great, however knowing that a SuperSwipe was sent by first paying for it, also makes it more valuable in a way. If someone gets a Superswipe she will most likely know that the person paid for that SuperSwipe.

In Tinder if you subscribe for Tinder Gold or Tinder plus, you also get 5 Super Likes per day for free. If you purchase Bumble Boost, Bumbles’s premium subscription, you don’t get any free SuperSwipes.

Another difference is that on Bumble a user gets notified about being Superswiped. This doesn’t happen on Tinder.

Is Bumble SuperSwipe needy or worth it?

One of the most debated questions in the online dating world is whether SuperSwipes and SuperLikes are worth to use. Do they increase your chances of matching or they only show neediness thus decreasing your chances of matching.

We believe there is no clear answer to this question as the reaction to receiving SuperSwipes will be different from one person to another. One person will find it lame and needy, another person will change her mind on swiping you left or right, just because you superswiped her.

We think that because SuperSwipe is a paid feature it might be more effective than Tinder SuperLike as less people will use it, so it will be more of a unique thing. However, the harsh truth is the following: if someone doesn’t find you attractive at all (to put it mildly), no Super Swipe will help.

Should you use Bumble SuperSwipe?

Despite its advantages we would suggest not to use Super swipes in most cases. It might be more valuable than a Tinder Superlike, but it still costs a lot for the benefits it gives you.

If you want to spend money on Bumble besides purchasing Bumble Boost, we would suggest you to buy Bumble coins and use it for Spotlight which will gain you more profile visibility that will result in more matches.

If you are unhappy with your match ratio even after using Bumble Spotlight, maybe the first thing you should do is to check your profile and critically examine your photos and bio information and try to improve those. This is a free method and will help you get more matches than using a lot of SuperSwipes.

There are two exceptions where Bumble SuperSwipe can be beneficial and we would consider using it:

Bumble in a rural area

If you live in a rural area a small town or village, the number of near users might be extremely low. In this case, Bumble Spotlight is worthless, as there aren’t many profiles in the neighborhood. Your profile will be shown anyway without a Spotlight for most men/women. However, using SuperSwipe can boost your chances of matching as it shows that you really like that person.

Bumble Rematch

If you have Bumble Boost subscription you can use a feature called Rematch after a match expired. Using Rematch you can match right after a match disappears. This is effective as it shows the girl that you really like her. To make it even stronger, you can use a SuperSwipe with a rematch that will send a very strong signal. In most cases, to make the First Move, a girl will send you at least a “Hi”, so the conversation can be started.

Bumble SuperSwipe review

Bumble SuperSwipe is a paid feature on Bumble that is very similar to Tinder SuperLike. It is not clear how beneficial its usage, as it might suggest neediness from the user who superswiped someone. Although some users believe what Bumble claims: it can increase the chance of matching with someone.

Unlike on Tinder, Bumble users don’t get any free SuperSwipes so users can’t really test its effectiveness. You can only use SuperSwipes if you buy Bumble coins for 1.25-1.99 USD per coins. It is definitely not cheap for a feature that is not that useful and effective. There are only rare cases where SuperSwipers seem to be worth using.

All in all, if you want to spend money to increase your match number on Bumble we would suggest using Spotlight and not waste your money on SuperSwipe.

There you have it, everything you must know about Bumble SuperSwipe. Do you have any experience with SuperSwipe? Did you find it useful? Share with us in the comment section below.

Bumble Super Swipes FAQ

Can Guys SuperSwipe On Tinder?

Yes, guys can also SuperSwipe a profile on Bumble, they just can’t start the conversation whether they matched with a SuperSwipe or not.

How Much Does Bumble Super Swipe Cost?

One Bumble SuperSwipe costs one Bumble Coin. One Bumble Coin price can range from 1.99 to 1.25 USD depending on how much coins you buy at once.

Can You Get Bumble SuperSwipe For Free?

Unlike on Tinder, on Bumble you don’t get any SuperSwipes for free. You have to buy Bumble coins to be able to get one.

How To See Who Superswiped You On Bumble?

When you see his or her profile, a message is displayed next to the profile photo of the person who Super Swiped you.

Can You Refund Bumble SuperSwipes?

Unfortunately, you cannot refund Bumble coins. However, if you are unhappy with Bumble Superswipe, you can try Bumble Spotlight instead with the same coins.

Can You Take A SuperSwipe Back?

No, unfortunately, you cannot undo or backtrack a SuperSwipe. It is, therefore, better to be cautious with tapping the area next to the yellow star that sends the SuperSwipes.