How to Delete a Bumble account? [Step by step] (in 2020)

Written by: John Branson
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One of the best hacks to increase your match number on Bumble is to delete Bumble account and start up a new Bumble account right after. Or do you want to delete your account because you found the one through Bumble and you are not interested in other potential Bumble matches anymore?

It doesn’t matter which one is your reason, in this article, we will show you how to delete a Bumble account properly that really gets rid of your profile, not just the Bumble app from your phone. We will also cover whether you can use the reset tactic to get a boost in your profile visibility.

Bumble Delete vs Bumble Snooze

Delete Bumble

Before you would delete your Bumble profile, that can’t be made back, so all your current matches will disappear, make sure you really want to delete your profile. You should be familiar with another option from Bumble called Bumble Snooze mode.

With Snooze, you can take a break from the app for a week or even for an indefinite amount of time. This saves your profile, all of your existing connections and all your previous chat messages. You can also share with your matches why you are taking a break (e.g. study break, work, digital detox, you are traveling). They will be also notified when you return to Bumble which can help you to restart those conversations.

When you delete your Bumble account, you don’t have this opportunity of returning to your profile. It is only possible with Bumble Snooze. All your existing connections will be deleted and your profile as well.

Delete Bumble account vs delete Bumble app

It is also important to add that there is a difference between deleting your app from your phone and deleting your account. Deleting the app won’t delete your profile, so you will be still seen by the opposite gender, your connection will see that you are apparently still active on the app.

How to delete your Bumble Account?

So, if you are sure you want to delete your Bumble account here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Open up the app
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Delete account”.
  4. You will be asked why do you want to delete your profile and then type “Delete” to delete your profile
  5. If you typed “Delete” right, your Bumble profile is now deleted.

Here is also a quick video that explains how you can delete your Bumble account:

Delete Bumble date mode only

Don’t forget that Bumble can not only be used for dating purposes but it also has 2 other modes. With Bumble BFF you can find and make new friendships, and Bumble Bizz can be used for building professional relationships in your industry.

If you use want to use any of these modes for longer, you also have the option to only get rid of your Bumble Date profile. Here is how you can do it step by steps:

  1. Open Bumble Bizz or BFF
  2. Tap on the Bumble logo
  3. You will be directed to the mode switching menu
  4. In this screen, tap on the “x” at the top left corner of the Date sign.

You can also follow this video to turn off your Bumble date mode (from 0:26):

As opposed to deleting your Bumble account, this way you can use Bumble Date mode again if you happen to change your mind and want to look for a romantic partner again. In this case, you can reactivate your Date mode in your Settings.

Deleting and restarting Bumble account?

Right after you deleted your old Bumble account you can start a new one, a process known in the online dating community as Bumble reset. Reset works for one important reason.

As the Bumble algorithm will think that you are a new profile, they will give you a so-called new user boost that will give your profile a higher visibility than a regular profile which will result in more matches. In its effect, it is similar to Bumble Spotlight, but it lasts longer.

It can be also advantageous for several other reasons. It gives you a chance to match with profiles who swiped your previous profile left. You can also redo your Bumble profile from scratch, make a better bio, take better pictures so you will have a better chance of getting matches this time.

If you want to know more about Bumble Reset and how to do it properly, check out our in-depth article on Bumble reset.

Deleting your Bumble Account – Bumble Boost and Coins

A good question is whether you can keep your existing Bumble Boost subscription and have your Bumble Coins back that you didn’t use up yet. Unfortunately, the answer is a clear no. This is quite surprising because even Tinder lets you do that with a Plus or Gold subscription.

Keep this in mind when you want to reset your account. Also, if you want to use the Bumble reset tactic don’t buy Bumble Boost for a lifetime, because you won’t be able to use it for a lifetime at all.

Also, cancel your Bumble Boost subscription before you would delete your profile so they won’t recharge you even if you don’t use the app anymore.

Shadowban For Deleting Bumble?

On Tinder, as a lot of people used the resetting hack to get a new user boost, they decided to introduce a shadowban for these users. It means when you reset an account right after you delete it (they keep your records for 3 months), your profile will be shadowbanned. You will still be able to swipe profiles but you won’t be shown to others.

Bumble hasn’t made a similar algorithmic change yet. They even say it explicitly on their official website they do not penalize or shadow ban a profile who recreated their Bumble profile. Although they also say they recommend not to use this tactic that often, as profiles can experience a lower match ratio if they repeat this tactic too many times.

Delete Bumble – Frequently Asked Questions

If You Delete Bumble Does It Delete Your Existing Matches?

It depends on what you mean by deleting Bumble. If you delete only the mobile app, you won’t delete anything else. Your profile will be untouched, you will have all your existing matches. If you delete your Bumble account, then the opposite is true, everything will be deleted including your profile and all your existing connections.

Does Bumble Penalize You For Deleting Your Account?

No, Bumble doesn’t shadow ban or penalize you in any way when you delete and right after start a new account. Although they are suggesting not to reset your account too often.

Will I Keep My Bumble Boost Subscription And Coins When I Start A New Account?

No, unlike on Tinder, Bumble doesn’t keep your existing Bumble subscription or Bumble coins. There is no way to get them back, so keep in this mind when you would want to reset an account.

Bumble Deleted My Profile, Why?

Bumble has the right to delete or ban your account without any prior notice. If this happens, contact Bumble Support to find out why they did that. You should be also cautious, and not send any nude pictures or be offensive in your conversations as if your Bumble profile is reported, your profile can be easily deleted as a consequence of that.