Tinder Select – How To Get Into Tinder VIP? [in 2021]

Written by: John Branson
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Have you heard about Tinder Select, the exclusive VIP club of Tinder? Do you want to know how you can get into it and swipe, match and meet up with the most attractive profiles on Tinder?

Don’t worry, we are here for you and going to tell you what exactly Tinder Select is, how it works and what you have to do to be able to join this prestigious part of Tinder where all the most attractive profiles are swiping.

What is Tinder Select?

Tinder Select

Tinder Select is the secret, member-only part of Tinder for the most elite users of the app like millionaires, super-models, and other types of celebrities. 

Tinder has never publicly communicated about the existence of Tinder Select which gives a more exclusive feel for it. They also limited how you can join Tinder select (see later), which kept Tinder Select from growing too fast and thus keeping a more exclusive feel for the VIP area of Tinder.

Here is a quick video summary of Tinder Select:

How to join Tinder Select?

So the first thing that you might be wondering is how you can join this prestigious part of the dating, Tinder Select. There are two ways how you can join Tinder Select:

  1. You get invited directly by TinderTinder Select Invitation
  2. A member of Tinder Select invites you or – to use the exact term – nominates you for Tinder Select.Tinder Select Invite a Friend

However, only those Tinder Select members get the right to invite others who were originally invited by Tinder. This way Tinder can easily limit the growth of the number of users joining the elite club of Tinder.

How does Tinder Select work?

When you get an invitation to Tinder Select either directly from Tinder or a friend who got an invitation from Tinder, you have to accept the invitation.

Tinder Select Screen

When you open the app, not a lot of things are different when you are a Tinder Select member. You can use a toggle on the app screen to choose between the Tinder Select mode and regular Tinder. 

Tinder Select Toggle

When you are swiping profiles, you will see other profiles who are also Tinder Select members, as their profiles will have a Blue border and Tinder Select badge will also appear on their profiles.

What can you do to get a Tinder Select invitation?

As Tinder has never shared anything publicly about Tinder Select it is not 100% clear how you can get invited by Tinder to this elite and exclusive club of Tinder. So in the following section, the information we share cannot be considered as official information from Tinder but merely as speculation.

However, it is not difficult to find out how Tinder selects users who can get an invitation to Tinder Select. As it is a well-known fact, Tinder is using a Tinder Elo score to measure the attractiveness of the Profile. 

According to a 2019 official Tinder PR statement, Tinder no longer uses the exact Elo score in its algorithm but it doesn’t mean that they don’t use a very similar measurement score to rate and rank profiles. So if you want to get more matches and have the possibility to get an invitation to Tinder Select, you should improve your profile

We have a full article on how you can improve your Tinder Elo score, but in the next three paragraphs we also give you some quick tips on how you can increase your Elo score, so you have a better chance of getting an invitation to Tinder Select.

Even if you don’t get an invitation to Tinder Select, increasing your Tinder Elo score can improve your relative attractiveness and the Tinder algorithm will like your profile more that will lead to more quality matches.

Take professional photos for your  Tinder profile

You can do a lot of things but if you don’t improve your Tinder profile photos you won’t really move the needle when we are talking about Tinder Elo score. You should definitely use a DSLR camera to take photos for your profile picture as the quality of your profile pictures will stand out from the masses.

Improve your Tinder bio 

If you attend a top university or you are an alumni member of a prestigious MBA or Ph.D. program or you work at a hot startup or tech company definitely add it to your profile. This way even if your profile pictures are not the most attractive ones, you can signal your elite status by your work or school credentials.

Verify your Tinder profile

Although it is a new feature it is worth verifying your Tinder profile by photo verification it seems to be a required condition to have the blue checkmark next to your name to get into Tinder Select. Especially if you are a celebrity or  a local famous person it is essential to verify your profile so they can also invite you based on your celebrity status.

Why did Tinder create Tinder Select?

It is also an interesting fact of why and how Tinder Select was first developed. Around 2016 when Tinder Select was first launched in the US market, Tinder has been experiencing pressure from new and existing competitors mostly targeting the elite members of Tinder.

Most notably around this time, the invite-only the League was getting a lot of attention, and Raya also gained a lot of users. So, it was basically a logical business move from Tinder trying to keep the most attractive and popular users on the platform.

Tinder Select in 2020

Tinder Select has been first introduced around 2016 so it is definitely not a new feature. As we said, it has been developed by the pressure of competing dating apps but it seems that it hasn’t big a great success and Tinder didn’t make much effort to further improve it.

They have put more focus into developing Tinder Gold feature that makes it very easy with the Likes You feature for the most attractive profiles to pick the Tinder profiles who they find worthy for matching with them. The other Gold feature Top Picks also gives an opportunity for the top profiles to get more attention and matches.

And unlike Tinder Select which is a free feature, Tinder is breaking revenue records almost every quarter thanks to Tinder Gold, so it is not a surprise that they didn’t really try to improve Tinder Select for a long time and are more focused to make Tinder Gold even more attractive for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get into Tinder Select?

There are two ways you can get into Tinder Select, the premium or VIP part of Tinder. You can either get an invitation directly from Tinder, or one of the member of Tinder Select who was directly invited to Select can also invite you.

Can you invite others to Tinder Select?

Yes, but only if you were invited to Tinder Select by Tinder itself. If you were invited by another Tinder Select user, you won’t be able to invite others to this exclusive part of Tinder. This is how Tinder can keep the exclusive nature of Tinder Select.

Is Tinder Select free?

Yes, Tinder Select is free, so you can’t just pay yourself into joining the elite club of Tinder.