Tinder Ads Explained – Get Rid of Them or Run Tinder Ads [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Are you annoyed by ads on Tinder? Do you never want to see them again? There are multiple solutions for getting rid of Tinder ads as we will explain in this Tinder guide.

If you are interested in how you can get your company’s ads on Tinder, then skip the first section as we will also share with you what are your options regarding ad platforms and how much do Tinder ads cost.

No Tinder Ads – Get Rid of them

Tinder Ads Explained

The only official way to get rid of Tinder ads is to pay for either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription. When you have an existing subscription to either of them, you will not see any ads between swiping profiles.

If you are subscribed to Tinder Plus you also get other premium features not available for free users such as 1 free Tinder Boost per month, 5 Super Likes per day, Passport, etc, and if you are a Gold subscriber, you also get access to Likes you and 10 Top Picks feature.

The non-official way to use Tinder without ads is by using a hack to get Tinder Gold for free. By having a Tinder Gold subscription, you will be able to block all Tinder ads. In this article, we show you with video examples of how you can use Tinder Gold without paying anything for it.

Do you know any other way how you can use Tinder without ads and not pay for it? We also want to know it, please share with us in the comment section below.

Ad blockers on Tinder

Unfortunately, Tinder is actively blocking any ad blocker, so you won’t be able to use Tinder if you are using an ad blocker actively on Tinder. Your only option is to disable the ad blocker on Tinder, so you will able to use it on other websites. 

Tinder’s official website has a nice summary of what you have to do exactly on all major adblockers to be able t use Tinder.

Why is Tinder selling ads anyway?

We believe the main goal of allowing advertisers to promote their products or services was not to get more revenue but to get annoyed users to buy a subscription package on Tinder.

As it is well known, Tinder is one of the highest-grossing apps both on Apple Store and Google Play. They make much of their revenue out of premium subscriptions, as advertising revenue accounts for only 3% of their total revenue.

Tinder ads for advertising businesses

Tinder is also a great placement option if you want to advertise a business, especially it is a great way to reach young demographics. Users can’t use ad blockers on Tinder, so you can be sure that you will be able to reach the users.

How and where you can buy Tinder ads?

Currently, you can place advertisements for your business using the ad networks of Facebook and Google. 

Tinder ads were first available on Facebook audience network, you can read more here, how you can place your ads using only a Facebook Business manager and a Facebook ad account.

From 2018 they also decided to open Tinder ads for Google programmatic display ads, so advertisers are not restricted to Facebook audience network only.  Here you can find a tutorial on how to run advertising on Tinder:

In any case, if you are interested in advertising on Tinder, the best option is to contact Tinder directly here

How much do Tinder ads cost?

As both Facebook and Google ad platforms work in a competitive bid system, there is no fixed pricing of ads, as it depends on which demographic groups you choose to target and also the competition of the ad auction when you are running the ad.

Tinder ads for free

If you are a non-profit dealing with LMBTQI+ issues or gender equality you should follow Tinder press releases as they might give away free advertising credits on Tinder. In 2019 they ran a campaign where they gave away 1 million USD worth of free credits for non-profit organizations.

Tinder Ads – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Seeing Tinder Ads?

If you are not a subscriber to either Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, Tinder is going to show you ads between swiping.

Can I Use An Ad Blocker On Tinder Web App?

No, Tinder is actively blocking users who are using an ad blocker. You have to use a “Disable on this website” feature to be able to use Tinder with an active adblocker.

Where Can I Buy Tinder Ads?

Tinder ads can be run on Facebook Audience Network or Google Programmatic Ads. If you are working for a big company with a huge advertising budget you might be able to make a special deal directly with Tinder.