Bumble Photo Verification [2020] – [Step by Step How-to]

Written by: John Branson
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Do you want to increase your social value by verifying your Bumble profile? It is quite easy to do as we will show you.

Besides showing you step by step how to verify your profile on Bumble, we will also help you troubleshoot if you can’t verify your profile and cover everything you need to know about the verification process on Bumble.

Is it worth verifying your profile on Bumble?

Bumble Blue Checkmark

Absolutely, if you haven’t verified your Bumble profile yet that has probably cost you a lot of Bumble matches. There are two main reasons why it is worth verifying your Bumble profile.

First, you can get a little bit of social status increase by displaying a blue checkmark on your profile. Although photo verification is not a new feature on Bumble, a lot of people haven’t verified their profile yet, so you can stand out by displaying the blue checkmark on your profile.

Also, on other platforms the verified tick is usually given to famous people or celebrities, so a lot of people subconsciously connect your profile to some kind of higher value even if they know that everyone can get their profile verified on Bumble.

Secondly, using Bumble with a verified profile can help you make your profile a more safe choice for anyone swiping on you. Many women are still a little bit afraid of online still, so by letting them know that you are really who you are claiming to be can help you match with them.

How to verify your Bumble profile?

It is pretty easy to verify your profile on Bumble, here are all the steps you have to go through:

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the “Verify Your Account” buttonBumble Verify Account
  2. You will be shown a selfie pose and you need to copy the pose and take a selfie in that pose
  3. You will see instruction on how you can send the photo to Bumble
  4. Send the photo to Bumble’s Support team
  5. A real human will review your selfie and verify if you are really who you claim to be
  6. After they reviewed your selfie, they will let you know if you have verified your profile successfully or not

Bumble can’t verify photo

If you went through the verification process and they rejected your verification, don’t worry. If you are not using fake profiles you can just simply restart the verification process, just make sure this time that your selfie resembles the one they ask you to take.

However, if your profile has been reported to be a potential fake profile and you are asked to go through the verification process and your selfie is rejected then we have some bad news for you: your profile will be banned by Bumble.

You might be able to still log in to your profile but you won’t be able to swipe other profiles and your profile won’t be shown to other profiles.

In this case, you have to delete your Bumble account and start a new one if you want to use Bumble again.

How to find out if someone is verified on Bumble?

If someone is verified on Bumble you will see a blue checkmark or a blue tick on his profile. As we said this badge doesn’t mean that the person is a celebrity or famous as every user can go through the verification process and get this blue tick.

Requesting others for a verification

On Bumble, you can not only verify your own profile but you can ask other people to verify their profile if they haven’t verified it yet once you matched with each other. You can also use it as a First Move on Bumble. Instead of sending some boring opener, you can also ask for a photo verification. If he is really interested and not a fake profile he will verify his profile and he can start messaging you.

To request a photo verification from others, do the following:

  1. Go to your Bumble match, who you want to ask to verify his profile
  2. On the chat screen tap on the blue link labeled “confirm they’re the real deal.”Request a photo verification on Bumble
  3. They will receive a notification that someone asked them to verify their profile
  4. They can either choose to verify their profile and skip it.
  5. If they verified their profile, it counts as a First Move, so now they can start chatting with you
  6. If they did not verify their profile, you can unmatch them

Bumble verification hack

Ss every verification process, this can be hacked as well, so just because someone is claiming to be someone, and they are verified you should be still cautious, especially if the chat conversation you have with her seems to be weird.

Although Bumble claims that the review of the selfie is done by a human, even humans can be misled by a smart person doing catfishing or other shady stuff.  Therefore it is always good of you also rely on your own common sense as shown in this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

how to tell if someone is verified on bumble?

If someone has verified their profile a blue checkmark will be displayed on their profile picture.

Couldn’t verify my profile, why?

You most likely didn’t take the selfie in the pose Bumble asked you to take. Don’t worry, just restart the whole verification process and you will be fine.