How To Use Bumble Without a Facebook Account in 2020? – Instructions For Signing Up For Bumble Without Facebook

Written by: John Branson
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Bumble without Facebook?

For a long time, you had to have a Facebook account to be able to sign up for Bumble and be able to use it. Fortunately for a lot of people, now you can use Bumble without a Facebook account. You can use only your phone number to create a Bumble account and later to log in to Bumble without Facebook.

In this blog post, we will show you how you only need a phone number to sign up for Bumble. You will also learn the step by step way to sign up for Bumble without a Facebook account.

Can You Use Bumble Without a Facebook account

Bumble Without Facebook

As Facebook was involved in so many data privacy scandals, many people have become concerned about what kind of data they add to their Facebook account and what kind of 3rd part apps or websites they connect to their Facebook.

Based on Bumble users’ concerns regarding data privacy issues, Bumble made a new feature that allows users to create a Bumble account without connecting to a Facebook account.

This made it possible for people to sign up for Bumble who didn’t have a Facebook account and didn’t want to create a Facebook account just to be able to sign up for Bumble.

Once you created your account with your phone number, you will also have to use that phone number to be able to log in to Bumble.

How to sign up For Bumble Without a Facebook – With a phone

You can read below the step by step instructions to sign up for Bumble without a Facebook account or you can also check out this short video from Bumble:

  1. Download the Bumble app from the iOS store or Google Play store
  2. Open up the app
  3. You will see a Home screen where under “Continues with Facebook” you will see a text “User your mobile number”Bumble without Facebook account
  4. Add your country code and your phone number
  5. Tap on “Continue” and confirm your phone number on the pop-up screen
  6. Now you need to verify your phone number either through an SMS or via a phone call
  7. Enter the code you received via text or phone call to confirm your phone number
  8. If your phone is verified you can start creating your Bumble account
  9. You have to add your name, age, gender as Bumble cannot pull these information from Facebook
  10. That’s it. You can start using your Bumble account and start swiping and matching!

Bumble with Facebook vs Phone number

When you are okay to connect your Facebook account and your phone number to Bumble as well, your question might be which method you should use to sign up and use Bumble with. 

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter, the differences are quite minimal but we would recommend to only use your phone number for the following reasons.

When you are connecting to your Facebook account to use Bumble, then when Facebook is experiencing some technical issue it might also make it impossible to use your Bumble account.

Although Facebook should not have access to the data Bumble collects on your profile there is always a data privacy risk when you are using Facebook. You don’t have this issue when you use your phone number to log in to Bumble

Using your Facebook account to sign up for Bumble can make the signup process smoother and faster, but can also cause you a headache when Facebook would import your education or occupation information that is not up-to-date on Facebook or that you don’t want to add to your Bumble profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Bumble without Facebook?

Absolutely, you don’t need a Facebook account anymore to be able to use Bumble. You can just simply use your phone number.

Should I connect Bumble to Facebook?

You can connect it, but you are not required anymore to connect your Bumble account to Facebook, or use Facebook data to sign up for the dating app. You get some benefits when you connect your Facebook to Bumble, but they are not invaluable so you can use your phone number to register for Bumble.

Can you switch to using your phone number to log in to Bumble?

No, once you made your account by connecting it with your Facebook account, there is no way to change that. Your only option is to reset your Bumble account.