How To Refund An eHarmony Subscription? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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With the number of online dating applications available, you have probably found something better than eHarmony. And that is why you want to know how to refund an eHarmony subscription. Getting a refund from eHarmony after availing of their paid subscription might be challenging.

But if you live in Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, and Connecticut, you can get your refund after three business days.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to refund Harmony, check out this one:

How To Refund An eHarmony Subscription?

In most cases, eHarmony allows its users to cancel their subscriptions. Included in the subscription cancellation is the account deletion. However, you can’t guarantee that you can get your full money for a refund.

If you plan to end your subscription before it expires, hoping to get a refund, you need to open the eHarmony application or visit its website. The website is accessible by tablets, computers, mobile phones, and other internet-based gadgets.

Once you are on the eHarmony homepage, click SETTINGS and search for ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Once you are in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS, select CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION or CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. The application will also confirm your decision and ask you why you want to cancel.

Doing so will allow you to cancel your subscription and delete your eHarmony account. But not all users can get a full refund, especially if their subscription is not yet over. Once your subscription period is finished, eHarmony will stop renewing your account.

How To Refund An eHarmony Subscription On An iPhone?

One easy way to cancel your eHarmony subscription is to turn off its automatic renewal feature. Once your subscription ends, you will no longer receive updates from this mobile dating app. Note that when your subscription expires, the app will restrict you from writing and reading custom messages. Beyond that, you can no longer contact your matches and check their latest photos.

If you have purchased eHarmony from an iPhone, you need to contact Apple so that they can directly assist you with your cancellation or refund request. This is because Apple does not allow app developers to control and access payment subscriptions with applications purchased in iTunes.

To request a refund, follow these steps:

  1. Log into
  3. Before selecting NEXT, type or choose your reason for a refund.
  4. Select eHarmony to request a refund. If you were subscribed to an annual plan and no longer like the app’s service, you can select CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION.

eHarmony Refund Policy

It is worth noting that eHarmony is not very flexible regarding a money refund. But some factors may help you request and get a money refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

The terms and conditions of eHarmony include a policy that will let individuals who purchased Singles Services request for a 3-day cancellation. This allows you to cancel your subscription and get a refund even after buying the service for three days.

However, requesting a refund online might be difficult. You need to send a signed notice to eHarmony to tell them you want to cancel your subscription. Another way is to send them a cancellation notice through telegram.

But the most convenient way of canceling your eHarmony subscription is by sending them a message through their email. You can find their email address on their official website. Once you have sent a refund request correctly, you can expect the company to send you your money within ten business days.

Contact Customer Service To Ask For A Refund

If you have difficulty following the cancellation steps mentioned, you can contact eHarmony’s customer service to ask for a refund. You can contact their customer service team through their live chat feature or hotline number.

Final Thoughts regarding eHarmony refunds

It is no doubt that eHarmony is a popular mobile dating app among young adults looking for their soulmates. You may want to cancel and request a refund because maybe you haven’t had matches, or your soulmate is not fond of using dating apps and websites, and you are destined to meet in the real world.

But, no matter your reason for canceling your subscription, requesting a refund might not be as easy.

But don’t worry since eHarmony has a friendly and professional customer service team that will help you request a refund in a few steps.