How Much Does eHarmony Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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Finding love online proves to be a hassle for many people who want to experience it because most online dating sites don’t readily show you what you’re getting into. Some sites offer informal talks and dating, but sometimes, it leads to indecent proposals.

Thankfully, eHarmony exists and gives its features and prices even if you haven’t signed up yet. How much does it eHarmony subscription cost?

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

For single people, one less thing to worry about when you’re on the prowl to find the right person is knowing what the cost of an online dating service is. Membership for eHarmony is reasonably priced at around $35.90 to $65.90 monthly. You may find this price range a tad below what eHarmony’s competitors ask for.

eHarmony’s Annual vs. Monthly subscription Prices

Like all online dating sites, eHarmony offers free basic membership, which allows you to access a limited number of features. However, if you want to enjoy eHarmony’s features, you can avail of its premium subscription.

Premium Light is a six-month membership to eHarmony at $65.90 per month or $395.40 for six months, including taxes. Premium Plus is one year of membership with a lesser monthly cost of $45.90 or $550.80.

Premium Extra is for a two-year subscription with a much lesser monthly cost of $35.90. This breakdown will give you the impression that enjoying a more extended subscription to eHarmony’s dating services gives you a lower monthly fee. eHarmony’s free vs. premium membership There’s a difference between eHarmony’s free and premium services.

eHarmony Free vs. Premium Membership

Free eHarmonymembership or basic membership allows you to get an unlimited number of matches, but you can’t see the pictures of these choices. You can send or receive greetings, respond to the initial message, browse with anonymity and see who visited your profile.

Premium eHarmony membership, whether for six months, one year, or two years, gives you more freedom to do things on this premium dating site. You can have unlimited messaging and viewing of pictures. You can also have the option to filter your matches. Search according to distance from your location.

Further, you can choose to have a detailed personality profile, regularly updated matches, and a profile checking option if you’re going to ask anybody with experience in online dating. The process takes a lot of time to have a fruitful conclusion. In other words, finding love online needs to be thorough and requires a lot of patience and time. This is where the premium eHarmony subscription comes in; the longer you have subscribed, the lower the monthly cost you are paying.

Free Trial Feature of eHarmony

eHarmony free trial Unlike other online dating sites, eHarmony’s free trial feature is free. You will find out that there is indeed no hidden cost or hidden charge to this dating site’s services. This is why eHarmony has an unblemished reputation in the online dating industry.

So go ahead, create that profile and upload your pictures. You can take the compatibility test and find out the best matches available for you. You will have access to eHarmony’s very own matchmaking program.

You can save money since if no games get your interest, you’re free not to continue. However, there’s a massive chance that you will upgrade from eHarmony’s free feature to its premium subscription.

What is excellent about eHarmony pricing as conveyed earlier, eHarmony’s monthly cost goes down the longer you avail yourself of its services. The great news is that eHarmony gives its subscribers a choice to pay all the subscription fees at the beginning at two equal payments or pay the price in three and even four equal payments.


Whatever the plan you commit to, you’ll be able to enjoy eHarmony’s available features. You’ll be able to focus on finding the right match for you. No online dating site has ever provided this kind of service.

Now, is eHarmony worth paying for? The answer is a definite yes! Finding a match and love online will never be less expensive if you subscribe longer to eHarmony’s services. It’s alright to wait for the perfect partner for you. eHarmony has your back.

The longer you pursue that perfect online match, the lesser you will think about the cost.