Is eHarmony Free? – eHarmony Free Trial [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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If you are single and lonely, your friends would probably suggest trying out dating websites. Of course, you would never really know what it is like until you try it and plenty of suggestions would come to mind. One website worth a try would be none other than eHarmony. But can you use eHarmony for free?

Is eHarmony Free?

eHarmony subscription cost depends on the number of months that you subscribe to. If it is a year then eHarmony is $45.9 per month but if it is just six months then it is just $65.9 per month. Hence, the longer you subscribe, the bigger discount you will receive so that is one thing to keep in mind.

Eharmony actually offers a two-year membership and it has the cheapest monthly rate at $35.9 per month. It is amazing how there are more than two million people who found love on this dating website. That number would certainly grow every single day.

eHarmony Free vs Paid Membership

The messaging part is what sets the free trial and the paid membership apart. On a free trial, you can only send messages to the other members there on selected weekends. On the other hand, you can send unlimited messages when you are on a premium membership.

The huge difference in upgrading to a premium membership is the fact that you can see who’s viewed your profile. After all, the fact that they viewed your profile means they have somewhat of an interest in you. Another major difference is the fact that you can see the profile pictures of your matches since they are blurred if you are on a free trial so you would be left guessing what they actually look like.

Another thing you will get when you upgrade to a premium membership is the ability to get different matches daily. Thus, when you don’t like your matches today then you can always proceed to the next day. Even when you are on a free trial, you can still send flirts to other members and hope that they send a message to you in order to keep that flame going.

One good feature you will get with a premium account is the What If feature as you will potentially get drawn into someone you may have missed. If you swipe right on that person then eHarmony will do great things for you to match up with that member. Don’t forget the fact that you can filter your search results.

eHarmony Free Trial

eHarmony has a free trial that you can try for as long as you want. With the trial, you can already make an account and upload profile photos.

From there, you can also take advantage of times when you can send messages to others but that does not happen often so you must take down the times that free communication weekends happen so you can prepare for it with a list of people you want to send a message to.

You can also take their compatibility test in order to find out the people who would fit your preferences. If you are thinking about going for the paid membership then you can always check out the profiles of the other singles who are in your area. When that happens, you will find out if the paid membership is worth it or not.

Other Information Related to eHarmony Free Trial and Pricing

For its price, eHarmony is worth it for those singles who are looking for long-term relationships as the quality of singles here is pretty high. It is not ideal for those people who are just looking to hook up in more ways than one.

The eHarmony statistics do not lie which means you have a huge chance of finding that special someone as you can indulge in the fact that there is almost an equal amount of men and women.

There are times when you can get eHarmony coupon codes from Groupon. These codes would allow you to save up to 20% off of the total price that you would need to pay them. Of course, you would need to read the terms and conditions of your deal so that you can get the most out of it.