How To Send Pictures On Tinder? [in 2023] (3 Methods That Work)

Written by: John Branson
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There is no official way currently to send pictures to your matches on Tinder. However, if you are a little bit creative, you can overcome this limitation and still send the photos to your Tinder match for free.

In this blog post, we are going to show these three ways how you can send pics on Tinder to your matches. We will also cover at the end of the article how you can send gifs on Tinder.

Can you send pictures on Tinder?

how to send pictures on Tinder

In the old days of Tinder, you were able to send pictures on Tinder but not anymore. We think that too many NSFW photos were sent via Tinder that triggered Tinder to disable this feature.

However, if you are a little bit creative, you can still use some workaround tactics to send pictures although not directly via Tinder messages. We have collected three tricks here which are described in the following sections.

How to Send Pictures on Tinder via a link?

This might be the easiest way but also the riskiest one. You cannot really send links in your Tinder messages. A link can be easily detected by the algorithm or you can be reported for them and get banned instantly.

However, if sending a picture in a Tinder message is a must for you, there is a way. This is the safest way to do it, but even using this trick might get your Tinder account banned.

So here is how you can send pictures on Tinder by placing a link into your messages:

  1. Upload the picture you want to send to your Tinder match to a popular image sharing site such as
  2. Copy and paste the link of the image URL to the message
  3. But before sending the message, place a space into the link after the dots in the URL (Tinder algorithm won’t catch it this way)
  4. Tell you match to copy the text you sent and take the spaces out of the link
  5. Now he or she can see the picture you wanted to send on Tinder

This is the closest way to sending a picture directly via Tinder message, but let me warn you one more time. This method works, but if you are not cautious, it can get your account banned.

In this video a very similar method is shown:

Upload a picture to your Tinder Profile

A nice workaround but a little bit cumbersome method is to upload the picture to your profile as the last position.

As Tinder has increased the number of profile pictures you can upload to your profile, you will definitely have one more place to upload a photo.

So what you can do is upload the picture you would like to send as a profile photo and then tell your match to check out your last photo in your Tinder profile.

We wouldn’t say that it is a smooth method but at least it works and it is definitely not against Tinder’s rules.

Get her off Tinder to be able to send the pictures

As you can see, both of the methods we described above can work but they are definitely not the smoothest way to send funny pictures. 

For this reason, our favorite way to send pictures to your Tinder match is by asking her contact info and send the picture not on Tinder but on any other social or messaging app where you can send pictures.

This is actually a great Tinder hack to get someone’s contact info. Tell her that you would like to send her a picture, but you can’t send it on Tinder and ask for her phone number. This works like a charm.

How to send Gifs on Tinder?

Although you cannot send pictures on Tinder in an official way, you can send gifs without applying any kind of trick. Gifs might be even better, as they are more dynamic. You can find a lot of memes or funny pictures in a gif form.

Here is how you can send a GIF on Tinder:

  1. Open up Tinder and go to the chat conversation of one of your matches.
  2. At the bottom left corner next to the chat bar, you can see a blue circle with the GIF text displayed on it
  3. Tap on it and search for your GIF.
  4. When you found the GIF you want to send, just tap on it and you have just sent a GIF message

how to send gifs on tinder

You have millions of gifs to choose from as Tinder is partnering up with Giphy gifs. You can search their gif database here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send pictures on Tinder?

Officially no, but there are 3 workarounds that you can try and still send photos to your Tinder match. We explain them in this blog post.

Can you send gifs on Tinder?

Yes, you absolutely can. All you have to do is go to chat conversation of your match and at the bottom left corner tap on “GIF”. Here you can search for gifs and tap on the one you want to send.

Can you take screenshots on Tinder?

Yes, you can take screenshots on Tinder. We have a full article where we explain everything about Tinder screenshots.