Send Pictures on Bumble + Bumble Private Detector [in 2021]

Written by: John Branson
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Unlike on Tinder, you can send pictures and photos in your Bumble conversations. We will show you in this blog post how you can send pictures in your Bumble messages.

However, as a lot of users have taken advantage of this feature in the wrong way, Bumble has also developed a feature called Private Detector that helps detect NSFW nude pictures so you can uncover those pictures at your own responsibility or decline checking them and report the sender.

Can you send pictures on Bumble?

Bumble Send Pictures in Messages

Yes, as we said, you absolutely can send pictures on Bumble. It is a unique feature of Bumble as on most dating apps similar features have been disabled or never developed as too many users sent offensive or NSFW type, sexually explicit photos.

However, this is not an issue on Bumble, as a feature was developed in 2015 that makes it more costly to send lewd pictures. When you send pictures in Bumbles messages, the pictures you send will be water-marked with your name and a picture of your face on the image.

This feature makes people rethink if they really want to send a dick pic to one of their new Bumble matches.

How to send pictures on Bumble?

It is really easy to send pictures on Bumble. You have to just simply tap on the camera icon in the messages screen and select the photo you want to send to your match:

Bumble Chat - Camera Icon

If you are a girl, you can make the First Move (the first message sent to a new Bumble Match) by sending a picture (e.g. a funny meme) to your match. If you are a guy, you have to wait for the girl to make the first move, and then you can also send her a picture in a Bumble message.

If you want, you can also take a screenshot of the photo you received in a Bumble message, Bumble won’t notify your match that a Bumble screenshot was taken.

Blurred images in Bumble messages

When you send pictures in Bumble messages, the picture will be blurred on the screen. The recipient has to hold down on the screen to reveal the pictures. This way, if you don’t trust the person who sent the picture, you can just simply ignore it.

For this reason, it is also recommended to tell your match what kind of picture you sent to her, so you can increase the chance that she will check out the picture and not unmatch you immediately.

What is Bumble Private Detector?

Bumble Private Detector is a free Bumble feature that detects lewd images using AI and notifies the Bumble user that she might have received a sexually implicit picture. This way Bumble users can ignore the blurred out images easily if they prefer doing so.

Bumble Image Blurred - Private Detector

You can check out this short video about Bumble Private Detector:

This Private Detector feature was developed as although Bumble users really like that they are able to send pictures in the dating app, many users used this opportunity to send unsolicited NSFW pictures without asking and without the consent of her Bumble match.

As we said, Bumble blurs out every picture sent through the app, they still introduced this feature to make it even safer for female users to use the app.

How Does Bumble Private Detector work?

As we mentioned, when you send a picture through Bumble, Bumble blurs the image by default. Using some image recognition AI algorithm Bumble can detect that is very likely that the photo contains sexually implicit details.

When the Private Detector detects an image you can choose to decline to check out the picture and when the image was unsolicited you can also report your match using the Private Detector reporting feature.

Bumble Private Detector - Report Lewd Images

Can you get or send dick pics on Bumble?

Although it is technically possible, as you can send pictures on Bumbl,e there are some important caveats we have to mention.

If the lewd photos were unsolicited, your Bumble match can report you and you will most likely get banned from Bumble. So before sending any kind of not safe for work type of picture on Bumble, definitely make sure that your match gives written consent for it.

Sending Gif messages on Bumble

On Bumble, you also have the option to send gif messages to your Bumble matches. You can also use GIFs to make a first move on Bumble. If you don’t have a nice opening message idea, Gifs can work. Well, they are definitely better than a simple “Hi”.

To send gifs in Bumble messages, just tap on the Gif icon in your messages screen, as seen in the below picture:

Bumble Chat Send Gifs
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send NSFW pictures in Bumble messages?

It is technically possible to send lewd images on Bumble, but first you have to have the consent of your match to send it. Otherwise, you face the risk of being reported that can get you easily blocked from Bumble.

Can you upload shirtless pictures on Bumble?

Yes, but only if the pictures were taken outside on a beach. You can’t upload shirtless mirror selfies on Bumble as a profile picture. You can send them later in messages if your match is okay with it. (gave consent)

How to unblur pictures on Bumble?

You have to hold down on the image to reveal the photos or images you received in a Bumble message.

How to delete pictures sent on bumble?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete pictures sent in a Bumble conversation as you also cannot delete messages you have sent in Bumble conversations. Therefore it is really important to be cautious when sending pictures on Bumble. (don’t send lewd images without consent)