How To Cancel a Hinge Membership? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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While the Hinge app is free for everyone to use and download, a Hinge Membership allows you access to extra tools and features you wouldn’t otherwise get in the free version. However, this premium membership may not work for many, and you can always cancel Hinge at any time.

How To Cancel a Hinge Membership on an iPhone?

Canceling your Hinge Membership is relatively easy to do. If you’re using an iPhone, simply follow these steps so you can successfully cancel your subscription to Hinge.

To Cancel Hinge Preferred Membership:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone, then click on your name.
  2. Go to your Subscriptions page.
  3. Select Hinge.
  4. Click on the ‘Cancel Subscription option.

Note that if you can’t see a Cancel option on your screen, that only means that your subscription has been canceled already. It also won’t be renewed anymore.

You can also visit Apple’s support page to learn more about these steps or if you want to be redirected to your subscriptions immediately.

How To cancel a Hinge membership on an Android phone?

For Android phones, you only need to follow similar instructions when you’re using an iPhone. However, here are the steps you need to follow if you want to know how to cancel Hinge membership.

Open your Google Play store. Make sure that you’re signed in to the right account where you’re subscribed with Hinge.

  1. Select the menu and click on ‘Subscriptions.’
  2. Tap on Hinge.
  3. Choose the ‘Cancel Subscription option.
  4. Finish up by following the instructions shown on your screen.

If you have further inquiries about the steps mentioned above, you can go to the support page of Google Play.

For both iPhone and Android users, note that subscriptions constantly renew automatically unless you choose to cancel them.

If you want to cancel your Hinge membership, make sure to do it within 24 hours before the date it renews. This is a policy by both Google and Apple, which means you won’t be able to cancel your subscription if it has already exceeded the specified renewal date.

What happens when you cancel a Hinge membership?

You can always cancel your Hinge membership at any time if you already feel it’s not working for you or if you want to avoid future payments for the subscription. When you cancel your Preferred Membership on Hinge, you lose access to extra features such as unlimited likes, exclusive filters, and more.

You will also be reverted to Hinge’s free and basic app version, though your Preferred Membership will still work for the remainder of your period of subscription. Until then, you can still enjoy the perks of the membership even though you have already canceled it.

Until you cancel your subscription, Hinge retains all the funds that are charged directly to your External Service Account. However, in some cases, users are entitled to request refunds of the subscription if they have encountered issues along the way.

Can’t cancel a Hinge membership?

If you’re experiencing trouble with canceling your membership and don’t see any cancellation options on your screen, that only means that your membership has already been canceled.

However, if the steps mentioned above don’t seem to work for you, the best way is to submit a request to Hinge’s help center so that they can guide you throughout the process.

You can also try again at a later time since there may be temporary error messages with Hinge in some cases. By then, make sure you follow through with every step so you can cancel your subscription to Hinge successfully.

Does deleting the Hinge app cancel my subscription?

No. It’s worth noting that deleting the Hinge app or your account does not cancel your membership or subscription in any way.

It’s best to follow the steps listed above to ensure that your Hinge membership has already been canceled. Otherwise, Hinge will continue to charge you for payments in your account.

Deleting your Hinge account will only make you lose your messages, matches, and other necessary information linked with your account.

It does not cancel your Hinge subscription. However, if you log in with Hinge after deleting your account, Hinge only creates a new account for you to start with again.