Is Hinge Free? – Hinge Free Plan Explained [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Is Hinge free? If this question is on your mind now, this post is for you. You will get to know the features available on a free Hinge account and the advantages and costs of a Hinge preferred membership.

Is Hinge free?

Everybody can create a Hinge account for free. Once you successfully sign up, you can search for a match and watch other members’ profiles. But you can’t use all search filters available on Hinge.

This reduces your chance of finding a perfect match. Moreover, free accounts can send only 8 likes a day. This means you can interact only with 8 members each day.

You can buy a premium membership to get unlimited likes and unlimited opportunities to interact with people you are interested in. As a free member, you have limited access to the app chat. You will find it really hard to find the right person and create a serious relationship with him/her.

If you are on Hinge for finding a real dating partner and creating quality connections with other people, your best bet is to purchase a membership plan.

Hinge free vs preferred membership

The preferred membership gives you access to many features that increase the quality of your matching. First of all, you can send as many likes as you want and initiate contact with how many members you want a day. There are no communication limitations.

The search becomes more effective since you are allowed to use an additional number of filters, such as height, education level and family plans. This will allow you to see only the profiles that satisfy your preferences.

Hinge has 3 paid memberships. If you want just to try the app out, you can use the 1-month plan for $29.99. The price of a 3-month subscription is $59.99. If you want to stay for longer while saving some money, go with the 6-month plan for $90.

Boosts and Roses are also paid features but you have to buy them separately from the premium plan. A Boost, which can be bought for $9.99, helps your profile to be seen by thousands of people in one hour. A Superboost is active for 24 hours and costs $19.99.

After activating the boost feature, you are expected to get a surge of guests to your profile. Many of them will want to interact with you and get to know you closer.

Roses are the advanced version of likes. They always appear at the top of the member’s feed above the likes. This makes sure the person you like will see your message first. Roses are sold in packs: 3 pieces for $9.99, 12 pieces for $29.88 and 50 pieces for $74.5.

Hinge Premium membership free trial

If by asking “is Hinge free?” you mean “does Hinge premium membership have a free trial?”, the answer is no. You can’t test the premium plan for a while, then decide whether to buy it or not. You need to pay first to get access to all the upgrades and special features.

If you are not ready to pay, you can sign up as a free account. There is no time limit for using it. But, you will have a lower chance of finding a person who meets your requirements.

You will be able to visit profiles and even send likes to some of them. But the members you will see in your feed might not fully satisfy your preferences. As a free account, you can use only some basic search filters, like location, ethnicity, age and religion.

Is the Hinge preferred membership worth it?

Preferred membership is definitely the best way to spend your time on Hinge. Not only does it increase your chance of finding your love, but also makes the app more interesting and dynamic. You got several special features that spice up your search experience and interaction with other members.

As far as cost is concerned, Hinge’s pricelist is not the cheapest in the online dating market, it’s true. But if your ultimate goal is to build a serious relationship, you have no choice but to purchase a premium membership.

You may use the free trial as well. But you will find it way harder to find your second half given limited search and interaction options