How To Delete Hinge Account? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

Are you tired of the Hinge dating app, and you want out, or maybe you found what you were looking for? Well, you can delete your Hinge account very quickly following the proper steps which I am about to give you.

But, remember that removing the Hinge app from your phone home page does not automatically delete your Hinge profile or Hinge subscription. In this article, I provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to delete a Hinge account.

Why would someone opt to delete the Hinge account?

  • Expensive

Although the Hinge app is free to download and access a few things, it is not entirely free. The free version does not even allow members to see or send messages. So, you have to subscribe to a package to start using the app. Still, the payment packages are not cheap as the least package paid monthly costs 19.99 dollars

  • Found the one

Any dating site that does not accommodate free options is legit, as only serious people who don’t want to waste their money for such services will join it. So, you are guaranteed to find someone at this app quickly.

How To delete Hinge account?

Here is how to delete a Hinge dating account:

  1. Open your hinge dating app on your phone
  2. Go to the settings icon and tap on it to access the menu
  3. Then scroll down to the account option
  4. Scroll through the account details and select “delete account.”
  5. Then click confirm to delete the data on the profile
  6. Uninstall the icon from your phone, and you will be good to go.

What happens when you delete a Hinge account?

Here is what happens when you delete a Hinge account:

  • When you delete your Hinge account, you will lose everything in it. You lose your profile, the messages you shared, photos, matches, among others.
  • Your profile will be erased from the site, and you will not get matches or requests from other members,
  • You will also disappear from people who had added you as their match.

Can you reactivate a deleted Hinge account?

Like other dating apps, you cannot reactivate your Hinge account again once you delete your hinge account.

If you opt to join the dating app again, you will be required to start afresh. This includes; using a new phone number, email address and profile to sign up.

Can’t delete the Hinge account

There have been a few cases where people were unable to delete their Hinge account, but this is a temporary error that can be fixed in most cases.

  • You are not doing it right

There are steps to follow if you want to delete your Hinge account. So, you need to follow all four steps and make sure to click “confirm” on the select options. Many people think that deleting the app from your phone will automatically erase the app, but this is not true.

You may not have the app on your phone, but you will still get matches, messages and requests from the site through your email.

  • Network problems

You need to have a good internet connection to sign up and use the Hinge dating app. So, if the internet is unstable or unavailable, you are bound to incur delete errors.

  • Technical issues

Sometimes the app system may delay the process to get clarity that you want to delete the app. In this case, switch off your phone or restart it and redo the process once more.

  • Instant login in after deleting the account

The Hinge account does not immediately delete the account for you. The site is set up so that if you log in immediately after deleting the account, they will create another account immediately. So, you need to entirely forget about login into the account if you delete it.


Hinge is a dating app worth downloading so you can meet other singles to interact with. But, if you want to exit the app and probably delete your account, use the above guide to help you effectively delete the account from your phone. If you are having problems deleting the account, I suggest you look into the problems discussed in this article. However, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact customer care.