How To Change Location on Hinge? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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Can I change my location on my Hinge account? Assuming you have moved from one city to another for a vacation or a stay, how do you ensure that you can still connect with other singles on Hinge?

I believe location plays a major role in connecting singles to every dating site. So, planning for a meet-up would be much easier than someone miles away since you are within proximity. Other dating apps automatically update your location, but Hinge does not.

Can you change your location on Hinge?

The answer is yes! You can change the location on your Hinge account to fit your current location. The steps for changing location are pretty straightforward, plus this app has a compass to navigate the area.

How to change location on Hinge?

Here is how to change location on Hinge:

  1. The following are steps to follow to change location on Hinge
  2. Go to your Hinge account on the phone page and log in to the account
  3. Then go to the settings icon and click on it to access other details
  4. Scroll down the menu and select preferences
  5. Click on my neighborhood option
  6. You will be provided with a compass icon to navigate as you find your location
  7. So, click on the compass and let it search for your current location
  8. Once it finds the actual place, click on it, confirm and begin to mingle with people near you.

Why should you change your location on Hinge?

  • To find matches

This is a unique site, which does not work with location proximity when matching the singles. This means that the app does not use your phone location data to match you with people close to you. You have to indicate the area you are in manually to search for people near you.

  • For other connections

This is crucial for people who want to connect with people from other states. For example, if I live in the USA and would like to connect with a person in the Philippines, I can still achieve it with the use of a VPN. The VPN will help me appear as if I am in the Philippines to view singles in this state.

Once I download my VPN, I will sign in to my hinge account using the VPN and then change the location.

  • For privacy

Phone hacking is quite common, and people may result in hiding their locations to secure their devices from being hacked. In this case, you can still use a VPN to hide your location.

Can’t change location on Hinge

I will highlight a few causes that may make the location not change in the Hinge app and how to solve the issues.

  • Are you following the proper steps?

I have checked out a few dating sites, and Hinge is quite different when it comes to location updates. Other apps will automatically update your location depending on where you move to, but with Hinge, you get to DIY. You have to go to settings and change the location manually to suit where you are located at the moment. So, follow the above steps I highlighted.

  • Check the internet connection.

I mean, technical issues are bound to happen when using smart devices, and the reason why the location is not changing could be your phone has hung. I suggest you restart the phone, check your internet connection, and then change the location.

Why does Hinge emphasize manually changing the location?

I asked myself the same thing, considering that so many dating apps automatically update the location for you. But, with Hinge, I think it has to do with the purpose of this app.

To help singles and only serious singles connect to build a relationship. So, as a way of doing away with unserious people who may join the app for hookups and other flings, this is an app that suits people looking for long can join and meet.


Try out the above steps I have discussed in this article if you wish to change your location on the Hinge app. If you would want to meet people from other states or cities far from you, use a VPN of that location when signing up. Enjoy interacting with people around you on Hinge by following these steps and doing it right.