How To Get Unbanned from Hinge? [in 2022]

Hinge claims to be one of the best dating apps in the market which focuses mainly on long-term connections. But you have to abide by all the terms and conditions that they provide when you are using Hinge.

If you don’t, your profile can get banned from Hinge. If you have been from Hinge and want to know – how to get unbanned from Hinge, then you are in the right place. Read on!

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to get unbanned from Hinge, check out this one:

How to get unbanned from Hinge?

If your Hinge profile has got banned for violating their terms and conditions, then you will get a message – ‘Your account has been removed’. Of course, that can be bad experience but don’t worry as you can retrieve your account back.

There are mainly two ways or options to unban your profile from Hinge. These two options are – to appeal your ban on Hinge and to reset your Hinge account. To know more about how you can appeal or reset, here are the details:

Option 1: Appeal Hinge Ban

Under the message about your account being removed, you will get an option to appeal for the ban on your account. You have to click on ‘Here’ to submit your appeal of request.

When you tap on that, you will get an email draft with all the pre-filled instructions. You will get the chance to appeal the process and it will submit the report. The Hinge authority needs to investigate and look into the matter of why the account has got banned. Hence, they will need you to fill up some of the important information in the form. You will get a confirmation email after you have submitted the appeal. If you don’t, you can contact customer support for more help.

You have to give some of the details for submitting your appeal. These are:

  • A complete description about the nature of the appeal, especially why you think your account has not violated any terms and conditions.
  • Name of the applicant and the email address for contacting
  • The contact number that you have used for logging into the Hinge profile

Option 2: Reset Hinge Account

The second way how to get unbanned from Hinge is to resent your account. Yes, you can reset your Hinge account and create another one. Yes, this is the most effective way to be back to using Hinge again. Getting a ban from Hinge doesn’t mean you cannot open another account. There are two different ways of signing up and creating a new Hinge account. These two ways are:

  • Using your contact number (phone number)
  • Using your Facebook

Before that, you have to delete Hinge from your phone. Now, reinstall the Hinge again and create another account. You can use your phone number for signing up in your Hinge account. An OTP of a one-time password will be sent to your phone number for identification.

Once you enter that code, your account will be created. You can also use Facebook to open your Hinge account. But the drawback to this process is that you have to still connect your phone number for verification. So, it is better if you can directly open your account through your contact number.

Can’t get unbanned from Hinge

Are you still facing the problem? Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling don’t work. You remain banned.

To undo that, you can use a VPN or Virtual Private Network for hiding your identity. The hinge app can get access to your IP address which let it know about your Hinge history. Hence, using a VPN can be quite helpful. Follow these steps:

  • Delete or uninstall your Hinge app from the phone
  • Install and setup a VPN first
  • Reinstall the Hinge app
  • Use a new email address or a new phone number

Then, sign up into your Hinge app and you are good to go!


Now that you know how to get unbanned from Hinge, it is important to know how you can avoid from getting banned again. Make sure to follow all the terms and conditions that are mentioned by Hinge. Read their Terms of Services before you start using.

Don’t be too aggressive while chatting with anyone on Hinge. Keep it clean! In order to keep everything under control and safe, dating sites take some strict actions. So, make sure to be subtle and within the terms and conditions to avoid getting banned in future.