What Is Skout, How Does Skout Dating App Work? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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I believe a good dating app should not limit you to the people you can connect with. Whether you are in US, UK, Asia, or china, it should be easy to communicate with people from all over the world, and that is why Skout is a good dating app to consider.

In this article, I will provide a detailed review of the Skout app and help you decide whether it is worth trying it out.

What is Skout, how does it work?

Skout is a dating app dedicated to connecting people all over the world. Yes, the Skout dating app matches people within the exact location.

skout dating app review

Still, it also focuses on connecting people from other parts of the world based on the information provided in the profiles.

How does Skout work?

First off, you have to sign in to the app using an email address, Facebook, Apple, or Google.

Then provide a profile with details like; your names, age, gender, body features, and a small bio describing you and what you are looking for.

Then Skout app uses the profile and preference details to search and instantly connects you to people near you. This dating app supports various communication options like chats, live streams, messages, and event broadcasts.

The Skout page continually updates the page with profiles of people who match you, and they send notifications to alert you regarding people near you, if someone has checked your profile and if someone adds you to their list of favorites.

Skout features & Pros and Cons

Here are the most important Skout features, you have to know about:

Multiple login options

I love that you can join this dating app in more than one method. You can use the usual email and password sign in option or use Facebook, apple store, and Google Store.

Multiple communication options 

Skout has different communication options such as chats, messages, live, broadcasting so members can find the most comfortable way to communicate and interact with their matches.

Has search option

If the matches that pop up on the site do not entice you, there is an option to search for preferences. The app uses GPS to match people, but you can always search for an alternative, probably from other states.

Backstage option

Some people don’t like giving too much information online or don’t want to reveal their identity. For such people, the backstage setting allows one to hide their pictures and profile such that for others to access them, they have to pay points.

Location matching

This dating app instantly links the members with people around, so there is no stressing or struggling to look for people within the location.

Compatible with mobile and PCs

One can access this app using a PC or smartphone. The app is designed in a way that it is compatible with all smartphones and devices.

Features media gallery

Searching for your data on this app is easy as the media gallery settings accommodate different files such as pictures and messages.

Has a map

The Skout map is easy to find matches or singles in a given area.

Temporary image storage

You can upload temporary images for your matches to see, but these images only last for a while.

Instant notification

The app sends instant notifications when there is a match around or a message from one of the matches.

Skout Pros

  • Matches people within locations
  • Has privacy when it comes to disclosure since members have to authorize it
  • Supports different communication modes
  • Connects people all over the word
  • Have multiple features to explorer

Skout Cons

  • Several members use fake profiles
  • Customer care services are slow
  • It is not a strict app, so you may encounter scammers

Is Skout Free? Does it have a free trial?

Yes, Skout is free to join, and you can meet multiple matches on the free package, but you have to pay for the premium package to join better features.

How much does Skout subscription cost?

The premium package has three payment options which are:

  • One-month Skout subscription: $9.99
  • Three-month Skout subscription: $24.99
  • 12-month Skout subscription? $69.99

Skout Review: Is Skout worth it?

If you are looking for a dating app that connects people worldwide and is free? Skout is a good option.

It has multiple features like different communication options, sharing images, and importing photos from Facebook and Instagram to the app. Also, there is the option of backstage where you hide your pictures from public viewing.

However, this app is not strict with the members’ profiles which shows some people have fake profiles. The app also has a premium package if you need to connect with more serious people.