Can’t Login To Tinder? – How To Fix Tinder Not Working [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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You have set up a Tinder date, and you haven’t exchanged numbers yet and now you can’t log in to Tinder? Is Tinder not working?

Well, that is quite unpleasant. In this article, we are going to cover every kind of Tinder login related issues that can prevent you from using the app. We will also give you tips on how to avoid these errors and how you can resolve them and use the app again.

At the end of the article, you will find our FAQ on Tinder login problems and Tinder error codes.

Top 5 reasons you can’t login and Tinder is not working

Tinder login error

  • your account has been banned by Tinder because of community violations
  • Tinder is down
  • internet connection problem
  • issues related to your phone
  • other technical reasons (cache, app data)

Let’s go through all the reasons one by one.

Why Tinder is Not Working?

Your account has been banned

One of the reasons you can’t access your profile is that your account has been banned because some people reported you and the Tinder team found during the review of your account that you have violated their community guidelines.

In this case, you will see error code A40303 displayed on your screen. We have a full article explaining all the possible reasons and how you can get your account back.

Login Error codes

If you don’t see error code 40303, it means that your account is not banned, you just simply can’t access your profile because of some issues related to your phone or the service in general. If you see error code 5000, it means you have some issues related to logging in, so at least you can be sure that your account is safe.

Tinder is down

The problem might be not with your phone or profile but with Tinder infrastructure. Tinder is not a new app, so nowadays it is less likely to happen, but let’s not forget that sometimes Facebook is down. So make sure before going through the other possible issues that Tinder is working. You can check this by using Downdetector which will report whether the app is having some issues.

Internet connection

It might be that your internet connection has some issues. Check other websites or apps to see whether your WIFI or mobile data is working.

Other Tinder technical issues and tips

If you checked off all of the above problems, some other technical reason can cause the login failed issue. Without being sure what is the real issue causing the login failure, you can try the following methods that work a lot of times.

Uninstall and reinstall Tinder

Don’t worry, uninstalling the app won’t delete your profile. This way you basically update the app to the latest version. This resolves also many hidden issues.

Install a previous version

If reinstalling the app didn’t help, your phone might have a compatibility issue. In this case, you might have to install a previous version of the app. To find out more google your phone name and check with which app version your phone compatible is.

Check Facebook Login

If you use your Facebook account for Tinder to verify your identity, check whether you can access Facebook. If you can’t, you won’t be able to login to Tinder as well

Do not use a VPN

You might get away to use a VPN with Tinder, but bear in mind that it can cause login issues. If you are using a VPN and can’t login, try logging in without a VON to find out if the VPN is causing the login fail.

Clear Tinder app data and cache

You can only try this method using an Android phones. You have to go application settings, find Tinder and clear the app data. Don’t worry this doesn’t do anything with your matches and conversations

Here you can check out how to delete the cache in the Tinder app:

Reboot your phone

Rebooting your device can help if none of the above works. It eliminates a lot of technical problems and also clears you RAM so it can give more free space for Tinder to run smoothly.

Use Tinder Browser version

If none of the above worked, there is still a way to try to access your Tinder account. Go to and you can try accessing your account from the browser version of the app. If you can access the app, it means that the issue is with your app or with your phone as you can access your profile in the browser.

You can use both your desktop (PC/Mac) and also your mobile to access the browser version of the app. If you can’t access your profile, there might be issues with your profile (possible ban, see above), or Tinder as a service is down right now and you have to check later.

Final tip For Tinder Login Issues

Always get your match phone number or social profile info as soon as possible. Besides the practical reasons, this will save you from the headache if you can’t log in to Tinder before going to a date and you want to doublecheck info about the date, such as his/her name, location, time.

FAQ on Tinder Not Working Issues

What Is Tinder Error Code 5000?

Tinder error code 5000 indicates that you can’t access your Tinder profile because of a login issue. There are plenty of reasons why you can get the tinder error code 5000: bad internet connection, wrong app version, Tinder service is down, or other technical reasons.

I Think I Have Login Issues Related To Tinder App. How Can I Check If Something Is Wrong With My App?

The best way to test this is to use Tinder browser version. If you can access your profile within the browser version of the app, but you can’t log in to Tinder using the app, it means you have an issue that is related to the app.

Can I Use A VPN On Tinder?

Technically you can, but a lot of people experience login issues while using a VPN service to access Tinder.