Is Tinder Down Now? – Here Is How to Check It In 2021

Written by: John Branson
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Is Tinder down right now or you have some other issues that stop you from using Tinder? 

In this short quick guide, we are going to show you how you can check if Tinder is having a downtime. To find if you are having trouble logging in to Tinder because of an issue that is caused by Tinder servers or something that you have to figure out yourself.

Is Tinder Down right now? – Down detectors

There are external third-party apps and websites that monitor the health of popular online services and apps and they can report it pretty accurately if a certain service is having technical issues. and alternatives

 The most well-known down detector is As you can see, they clearly state on their page if Tinder is experiencing some issues or not that is causing a down time.

Tinder Down Detector

Even if you see the above image, you can report a problem if you have one, by clicking on the “I have a problem with Tinder” button.

If is reporting no issue whatsoever, then you can also double-check if Tinder is down by It is a similar service and will give you also some more information about how you can troubleshoot Tinder login issues.

Tinder Down – Check Tinder’s Social media profiles 

The other option to check if Tinder is experiencing some server or other technical issues is to check their social media profiles. 

They have two Twitter accounts, one dedicated for Support related issue and a general corporate account:

Tinder Twitter Support account

You can tag them and ask them if Tinder is down, but most likely they would also tweet it if they are experiencing some down time.

To inform about Tinder being down, Twitter is the best platform, but if you don’t ‘t have an account, you can also try to get info about downtime at their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tinder is not down but I can’t log in

If both down detectors and Tinder’s official social media channels confirm that Tinder is working without any issue, then the problem is at your end. 

In this case, we would suggest reading our article about Tinder login issues or the blog post about getting banned on Tinder where we also lay out solutions on how you can resolve certain these issues. Or you can also check out this video on how to fix Tinder login errors: