Get The Christian Mingle Free Trial Until You Can [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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If you are a Christian who wants to meet other Christians, then you’ve probably already heard of Christian Mingle. You can’t help but be a bit curious about the website and find out how you will meet your true love there. The good news is that there’s a free trial.

Is Christian Mingle free?

Christian Mingle lets you sign up for free. From there, you can already do a whole lot of things like creating a profile, matching with other members, and even getting ‘matches’ sent to your email.

There are millions so it won’t be long before you would find someone who shares your beliefs if you would just be a bit patient.

If someone does match with you, the problem is you can’t message that person if you are on a free trial as you can just hope the person you matched with is on a paid subscription so that he would message you.

Otherwise, the sad news is that the match would be for nothing and you can just move on to the next and keep on hoping. There is no shortage of positive reviews the dating app has gotten over the years which gives you all the reason to try the dating app based on curiosity alone.

Christian Mingle Free Trial

The free trial can last as long as you want as long as you are already contented with it. They won’t even pressure you into upgrading to a paid Christian Mingle membership if you don’t feel like doing it. The free trial lets you put up to 6 photos on your profile and the pictures should let you do the things that you love to do in life so that members would know right away what to expect from you.

The most awesome part about the free trial of Christian Mingle is that you can use the search feature. Surely, you will find out how many members there are on the dating app. By using the search feature, you can get a glimpse of the members there before deciding to upgrade to a paid membership since you will be able to find out whether there are members there that are worth messaging or not but it won’t be long before someone catches your eye.

Christian Mingle free vs paid Membership

The biggest difference between free and paid membership is definitely the messaging part. If you are using the free membership, you can only respond to conversations initiated by paid members. If you are a paying member, then you can initiate a conversation with anyone you want.

Another feature you are going to get with a paid membership that you won’t get with a free membership is the ability to find out who’s viewed your profile. It would certainly be flattering when someone viewed your profile since you spent a lot of time making that profile. From there, you can either wait for that person to message you while hoping that person is under a paid subscription or you can upgrade to a paid subscription and message that person yourself.

When you find out there are singles out there who are interested in you, that should prompt you to upgrade to a paid membership. You should not go through the hassle of trying to search for them on other platforms.

Other Information Related to Christian Mingle free trial and plan

You’re going to have the ability to purchase the ‘Spotlight’ feature when you are on a free trial. It is like purchasing ads on Facebook but instead of advertising your post, you would be advertising yourself to the members. Surely, you will get to match with more people that way which is the main objective of dating apps anyway.

There are many paid membership plans that you can avail of and the one that is worth it the most is the six-month membership which allows you to pay just $27..99 per month. The shorter ones are more expensive so you will save more if you go for the longer plans. By that time, you should have spent enough time on the free trial knowing you can get a lot more if you choose to avail of the paid subscription.