How Much Does Christian Mingle Subscription Cost? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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Young adults everywhere have surely heard of apps like Tinder and Bumble. All of these have become avenues to meet new people for romantic connections. The thing about them is that they can be off-putting for religious individuals. However, Christian Mingle presents itself as the solution to that dilemma.

How much does Christian Mingle Subscription cost?

Critics have noted the lack of platforms for more religious people. Although other apps allow the option to include affiliations in their profiles, there is still no way to focus solely on other like-minded prospects. Conventional dating apps also function as “freemium” software, and the number of functions you can do is minimal.

Christian Mingle is upfront right away about the cost of its dating app. As one of the only online dating platforms for faith-focused people, Christian Mingle offers only one subscription tier. The premium subscription has more value for their money than the free trial, which contains a minimal number of functions.

For one month, a premium subscription costs around $49.99. If you want a lengthier subscription, you can try out the app for three months at $34.99. Those who want to keep the app for an extended period can get $24.99.

The app supports a variety of payment methods. All major cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB, are supported. In addition, other options such as Discovery, PayPal, and ApplePay are also available.

There is no shortage of payment methods, which is an excellent thing for people with more than one card.

Christian Mingle annual vs. monthly Prices

The Christian Mingle cost seems upfront. However, you may notice that there are no annual prices. The lengthiest subscription is six months, which costs $24.99. If you compare the monthly prices to the more extended options, you will notice that the shortest duration has the highest price.

At $49.99, you will spend more for less amount of time on the service. Going up to 3 months will only cost $34.99, which is $15 cheaper. The best option is still the six-month subscription at $24.99.

Christian Mingle Free vs. Premium Plan

Like other websites and services, Christian Mingle offers a free plan for people who want to test out the service first. There are some key differences, however. For instance, all members can post six photos on their profile. Searching the database for other Christian singles is only allowed, and free users will receive emails notifying them about their matches.

Free users can also purchase the “Spotlight” perk as a single item. Premium plans are not necessary to make yourself stand out on the platform. However, a premium subscription does allow for more functionalities. For example, premium users can communicate with all members of the site. Read receipts can also check if a user left you on reading.

And of course, there is also the added perk of anonymous browsing. By hiding your status, you can be invisible and remove your profile from search results.

With all of these features in mind, it is not surprising that more people are upgrading to its premium tier. The added features and privacy make a compelling case for the value of the purchase.

Christian Mingle Free Trial

The Christian Mingle platform allows anyone of legal age to try its features. The trial is a free plan and costs no money, and offers a variety of features. However, it also has some limitations.

Like other plans, the free trial allows users to fill out their profiles without hassle. Uploading a set of photos to showcase yourself is also an option. Searching for other people in your area is also a part of the package, making it easier to look for connections.

The excellent part is that you can also respond to premium users when on trial. However, you cannot initiate conversations yourself with premium members. You have to wait for them to be the ones to send a message.

If you are a religious individual looking for love, then Christian Mingle is a platform worthy of your money and attention. The site is one of the best ways to meet people who share the same values. Its subscription plans are also relatively affordable, and the free tier gives you the option to try it out without spending a cent.