What is Tawkify? – How Does Tawkifiy Work? [in 2023]

Tawkify is a matchmaking website that uses a combination of technology and human matchmakers to find at least one high-quality date every month for those who register as matchmaker clients.

Though the website was established in 2012, it has become more popular in the last few years as people are tired of wasting time searching for dates.

What is Tawkify?

While there are a large number of dating websites, finding a suitable date can be a time-consuming process since the member has to check a large number of profiles.

what is tawkify

Additionally members especially women have to be very careful before interacting with any member offline since the person may be violent or create other problems.

Members of dating websites often find that when they meet the members offline, the person is not what they expected and their time is wasted. Hence many people, especially busy professionals who do not have much free time, are interested in a dating option, where someone else will spend their time, screening the profiles available to get a suitable match.

Members can register on the website for free, or become paid members, who will get priority while being considered for a date. In the premium service of Tawkify which makes it unique compared to most other dating apps, each premium member is matched with a matchmaker who will help the client get at least one curated date every month.

In addition to using the latest technology to find a suitable match, the matchmaker will also use her experience in matchmaking to fix a date which the member client will enjoy.

How does Tawkify work?

Tawkify claims that it differs from other dating sites since it focuses on finding the right match. After registering at Tawkify, members have to complete their profile and also upload photos.

Then based on their relationship goals and budget they can choose any of the paid options. It is observed that usually many people are attracted towards similar looking persons. Wealthy members wish to find high-quality dates which they will enjoy, can register as matchmaker clients. Based on the member profile a suitable matchmaker will be assigned, who will work closely with the client to fix at least one date every month.

The matchmaker will first understand the client, his personal life, future plans and then search the Tawkify database to find suitable matches. Each match selected will be personally screened to ensure that the person is telling the truth.

Additionally, the matchmaker will also plan the date, choosing the location an other aspects, so that it is an enjoyable experience. The matchmaker will coach the client and member for the date, and also get feedback after the date. Members with a limited budget can choose the match-able membership option, in which they will be considered for a date by the matchmaker

How much does Tawkify cost?

The matchmaker membership at Tawkify is priced at $99 / year. Though these members are not guaranteed any date, they will be considered by the matchmakers for dates with the matchmaker clients.

The matchmaker clients can subscribe to Tawkify services for three, six, or twelve months.

The cost of a 3-month membership is $1497, 6-month membership will be priced at $2694 and a one year membership is listed at $5088. Members who have found a partner through Tawkify, can cancel their membership and get a refund for the remaining period.

Is Tawkify legit and worth paying for?

There a large number of reviews of Tawkify, and most of the reviews are positive, indicating that Tawkify is a legitimate business focusing on matchmaking.

Wealthy individuals who have used Tawkify’s premium services have recommended it confirming that it helps them set up interesting dates. Additionally members can also register for free, to create their profile, check the website and its features.

Why is Tawkify so expensive?

Most of the top dating sites are using software for finding matches, and the sites are largely automated. However, this is sometimes a disadvantage since there are a large number of fake profiles, and members find that they are chatting with bots, wasting their time.

In contrast, Tawkify uses human matchmakers for organizing dates, and since these matchmakers spend many hours to finalize dates, the Tawkify charges are higher.