How Much Does Tawkify Cost? [in 2023] – Prices, Subscriptions Explained

Nowadays, everyone is busy with their regular work. But people are still finding themselves alone. Dating sites can save you from this loneliness. New people are there with whom you can enjoy and spend time as well. Tawkify is a dating/matchmaking site that has been popular since 2012. But in the last few years, this app has gotten some extra popularity.

The custom matching system is there. You can get your perfect match on this online dating site. But if you want to know how much does Tawkify cost? Then, you should read more about this online dating site. So, get some insider looks at this online dating site.

How much does Tawkify cost?

Tawkify is not listing all its costs on its site. It varies as per the location you live. You can get special offers and discounts based on your living location.

If you want to sign up as a member in Tawkify matchmaker then, you need to pay $99 per year. In this estimate, your profile will be added in the database section. But you will not be matched and attached to your own matchmaker.

The matchmaker client needs to pay $500 per month to get paired with their matchmaker. You can also get your preferred matches under this cost. Clients will get at least one guaranteed date per month.

But there are some more free trial options where you can check out your preferences. You can get affordable and effective options as well.

Tawkify annual vs monthly prices

You can get a clear idea of how much does Tawkify cost? If you want to know the exact price of this online dating app then, you should check out these:

For the premium membership, you need to spend this amount of money:

  • For 3 months of premium membership, you will have to pay $1497.
  • For 6 months of premium membership, you will have to pay $2694.
  • For 12 months of premium membership, you need to pay $5088.

If you want to make an annual membership then, you should go for the 12 months plan and if you want to go for monthly membership then, you should check out these 3 months or 6 months plans.

Tawkifiy free screening explained

This dating app provides much more successful matches than other dating apps. This dating app claims 80% dating matches and it is very much higher than other standard dating apps. After signing up and completing your screening process, you just need to sit back calmly and wait for your perfect matches.

This app is very good for singles who want to pay dollars for getting custom-made matches. This app is not for those who have a conservative and tight budget. This is a paid app with limited free trials.

Women members are safe there. Tawkify screens every detail of their members. So, it is a bit less risky to go on a date with Tawkify matches.

The users should be 24 to 35 years old. According to the facts and figures, 55% of users are male. The site sees over 10000 active users per week.

Why is Tawkifiy so expensive?

Tawkify has many more branches as per your location. The concept of Tawkify is very much clear. You will get a professional helping agent who can assist you to get your perfect match.

You can contact the helping agent very easily. You need to put your name and location and other details as well. You can lean back and wait for your fantastic matches and the perfect date.

Tawkify is expensive because it offers the perfect matches as per your choice. It offers guaranteed matches as well. This app has a high success rate.

Signing up with Tawkify is a little different from other types of platforms. You need to complete a phone screening for all levels of usage.

Apart from the phone screening process, the overall procedure is very much easy and you will need 2 minutes to complete the process.

The customer support option on Tawkify is very much helpful. You cannot deny this fact. You can get enough help from your matchmaker agent. This is a cool option for the people who can spend money on finding the perfect match and interesting date.