What is Happn, How Does Happn Work? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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Happn is relatively the newest option as far as modern singles are concerned. This dating app was created in 2014, and for almost six years, it has already made some strides in the dating industry. But is Happn better than other dating sites or apps on the internet? To figure it out, spend time reading the Happn review today!

What is Happn, How Does it Work?

Happn is a location-focused mobile dating app that can help you find your perfect match. The dating apps tagline, which is “find people whom you’ve already crossed paths with,” will help you discover other modern singles within a 250m radius or of the same area.

what is happn dating app

Happn works uniquely when compared to other kinds of dating apps. It shows you only the people who had been in a similar location like you. It likes to give you love and relationship connections without experiencing any kind of complications.

This app will tell you a story through movements. It is primarily based on your real-life where you could meet someone you’ve already crossed paths with because you live in the exact location.

Happn features, Pros and Cons

Happn is a well-known dating app for modern singles. It is commonly chosen because of the vast numbers of benefits that it offers, and they are as follows:

  • Easy sign-up process.
  • Excellent prevention and moderation of the bot accounts.
  • It allows you to avoid using your Facebook account when connecting to the app.
  • This app is free, but you may also choose some paid options.
  • You can purchase extra features without signing up for its offered membership.

Although Happn offers benefits that you will indeed be surprised with, there are certain flaws that this dating app also offers. Becoming aware of these flaws ahead of time is necessary to ensure that you know what you are going to do once you are already registered on this app. Some of the deficiencies of Happn are as follows:

  • It is not well-known as other dating sites and apps.
  • It does not have compatibility or personality-based kind of matching available for you.
  • It is only available as an application, so if you are a computer user, you don’t have the chance to have access to this app.
  • Some of its exciting features are completely locked behind its pay gate.

Both the benefits and flaws of this dating app will give you an idea of how well this dating app is. Hence, it is necessary to get to know more of them to ensure that once you’ve decided to register on this app, no regrets will be experienced.

Is Happn Free? Does Happn have a free trial?

As far as signing up for the Happn app is concerned, you need not worry about paying too much since it is free. Yes, it is free, which means that you will not pay any penny the moment you decide to register on this mobile dating app.

However, limited access to some of its features will be given to you. It also offers a free trial, which lets you try this dating app first.

How Much Does Happn Cost?

Happn cost is not as expensive as what you expected. Since the sign-up is free, you will not spend any amount. However, if you plan to boost your account and have access to some of its features, you may try spending a tiny amount by upgrading your membership to this app.

You may upgrade your membership to Happn for a premium to access extra features. It may cost you a month to upgrade your membership. However, such membership can still be upgraded for up to a whole year if you want to get better deals.

Happn Review: Is Happn Worth It?

Happn is genuinely a cool and exciting mobile dating app. It can be one of the most splendid changes over those old dating apps on the internet. It is worth it for you to try since it will give you the chance to meet someone you can have a relationship with or commit, which may lead to marriage depending on the case.

Happn can be a bit young, but you would be impressed based on Happn review that this app has everything you need.

The Happn userbase is tech-savvy and young, indicating that the response time is also great. Its features are accessible and usable, and if you choose to have the paid version membership, this dating app will offer you enough features that are all worth it. Rest assured that with your Happn membership, everything will fall into the right place.