How Much Does The League Dating App Cost? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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The League is a relatively new dating app that established its foot in the year 2014. It is highly a selective dating app and not anyone can make a profile in it, that is a con as well as a benefit for some people. So, let’s discuss some of the things which you might be wondering about the app for a long and make things clear!

How Much Does The League Dating App Cost?

Depending upon your interest if you take The Leauge membership for six months then it will cost you only 67 USD for a month

The Owner-level membership will cost you differently if you buy for a month only or three months. The pricing is 300 USD for a three months owner-level plan, yes it is less than that of one month only.

Now, you might be wondering that the same facilities are available for the free one also then why should we pay? No, it is not the same. Paid members are prioritized for profile reviewing and provide some advancement as well that free ones don’t receive.

Further, every member is allowed to buy league tickets and use them after to enhance their profile.

Following is the price list of life level below with months associated:

  • Guests – Free
  • 6 Month Regular Membership: 67 USD per month
  • Three Month Regular Membership: 99 USD/month
  • Only One Month Regular Membership: 199.9 USD/month
  • Owner Level Premium Membership For 3 Months:$299/month
  • Owner Level Premium Membership For One Month: $399/ month
  • One Month VIP Investor Level Membership: $999.99
  • One Week VIP Investor Level Membership: $399.99

The League membership tiers

The membership to League is quite simple. You have to first join the waitlist of the dating app then finish your profile nicely and upload pictures and connect or link with social sites and then “wait ” again to get your matches.

If you want to skip the between waiting line then you can pay for it and get at the front line sooner.

Why is The League Dating App So Expensive?

The League is a well-established dating app, it is not like other platforms where anyone can establish its profile and commit fraud.

League is best for singles who can wait with patience when it comes to getting great matches for them.

If you are career-driven,n and well established then you can easily be approved for League membership anthers is a nice thing.

League not only saves you time on unsatisfying matches but also provides you with perfect matches that can be the same as your level and fits perfectly on your expectations.

Whether the league an expensive dating app or not depends on person to person and their choices. But when an app is ready to provide you with traps from liers who take their goals and achievements then the membership money is worth it. Because of its selection and waitlist procedure, it makes the league stands out among other apps, and thus very selective people are there inside as users.

The League Free Trial

The League dating app is free to download from the play store and create your profile, but in between the initial two processes, you may have to wait for a little and sometimes more if you haven’t bought any membership premium. But after the waitlist is over you can associate your bio with Linked In or Facebook accounts, you need not worry as your connection will be filtered out automatically as per the algorithm.

You can buy league tickets and use them to enhance your profile also when you haven’t bought any paid membership and can access discounts on membership purchases in the future.

Apart from these benefits, a free member can access guaranteed acceptance on referrals from three companions and join in live sessions of League (virtually) for speedy dating.

If you are thinking to join The League then don’t want any perfect time to come and got you. The more delay you make to joining the waitlist the later you are getting in joining the front line