How to Report Someone on Facebook Dating? [in 2022]

There will be times when you are enjoying the Facebook dating app when you talk with your numerous matches. Of course, you can’t avoid bad encounters with users there who are rude. When that happens, you will be prompted to report those people so that they will learn their lesson.

When should you report someone on Facebook?

As they say, there will come a time when you would have enough patience with the person you are talking to on Facebook Dating so you should report that person. One thing that would prompt you to report that person is if the person you are talking to decides to use foul language on you for whatever reason. There should be an equal amount of respect for both parties here to make Facebook dating safe.

Perhaps, a popular reason for reporting someone on Facebook is if you think this person is trying to scam you. There are many con artists on Facebook so if you think the person you are talking to is trying to scam you then report that person right away.

Some ways by which you can spot scammers is if they are trying to borrow money from you by pretending an accident happened to them and if they ask you to share compromising photos which is something you should never do because they can use it against you by blackmailing you.

How to report someone on Facebook dating?

The process of reporting someone on Facebook dating won’t take too much of your time. First, you must go to the profile of the person. After that, you select the three dots on the upper right corner of the profile then select ‘Report’.

It is quite possible to report a person you’ve already matched with once you find out that person is pretending to be someone else he is not. You can go to Matches then select the specific conversation that you would want to report to Facebook.

Next, go to settings which is also the icon that has three asterisk symbols and click on ‘Report this Conversation’ as you will be asked for a reason why you are reporting that person so select the most logical.

Reporting vs Blocking someone on Facebook dating

When you report someone, you will most likely still be able to encounter this person. If you block that person then that user has no way of being able to talk to you. The good news is that when you report someone then that person won’t know that you did unless you are the only person he is talking to.

Those people whom you already blocked on Facebook won’t show up on your Facebook dating app. You can access your list of blocked users by going to the settings of your Facebook Dating app then clicking on ‘Block people in dating’. There is always the option for you to tape ‘Unblock’ for all those people you blocked in case you have a change in heart as we all know time heals all wounds.

Can’t Report Someone on Facebook Dating

One reason why you can’t report people on Facebook dating is when the server is down. When this happens, you would have no other choice but to wait for it to go back up again. After all, the problem may be on the side of Facebook and not yours.

Due to how popular Facebook is, you can bet they are already trying to address any problems that are associated with them. Another reason you can’t report someone Facebook dating is when you are not connected to the Internet. Hence, you must check your connections as there could be a problem with the WiFi network that you are connected to so if that is the case then you can just use the Internet of your phone or portable device.

Other Information Related to Reporting Someone on Facebook Dating

When you report someone on Facebook dating, that person will be given a warning. Of course, there is no way that person will know how reported him so the only thing he can do is to watch his future actions. If he gets reported again then it could lead to his profile being banned from the dating app.