Is Facebook Dating Safe? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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There are people who say dating apps are scams. There is actually no truth to that as the apps are only a scam if you let yourself be scammed. After all, there will always be scammers present on not only Facebook Dating but other websites as well.

Is Facebook dating safe?

Facebook dating is safe as long as you are wary of scammers that are there. It is important to not share any personal information in your Facebook dating profile and you should also avoid doing that while talking to one of your matches. Some of them could end up asking for money after pretending they’ve been in some sort of accident so the next thing you should do is to block or report users like that.

How to keep safe on Facebook Dating?

One way or the other, the end goal for someone you are talking to on Facebook dating would be to meet in person. If you both agree to do this then you should always set it at a public place and never at the place of the person you are talking to. After that, you must share your location with friends and family members since you can’t really trust this person that you just met online.

It would be ideal to use Facebook dating with an open mind since it is pretty easy to create a fake profile. As a result, you must never assume that the person you are talking to is what he says he is. Other people can pretend to be the son of a billionaire or even a successful pilot but it won’t be long before you find out all is not what it seems to be.

Before going to your meeting place with that person, you must familiarize yourself first with that meeting spot in case you have not been there in the past. Yes, better know the best ways to go home from that place in case the meeting goes horribly wrong. Also, you must monitor your alcohol consumption as the person you met up with could take advantage and end up sexually assaulting you in ways you would have never imagined.

Always be careful about the information that you share online as you never know whether or not the person you are talking to is telling the truth or not. Also, you must arrange your own transportation when the meetup is over. It is normal for the person you met up with to invite you to hitch on a ride with him but you never know how that is going to end up especially on a first date so it would be better to end the date by going home yourself as you can tell him your mother is coming to pick you up and that person would immediately understand.

Report or Block someone who acts weirdly

It is important to remember the ways by which you can spot scammers regarding what they are trying to achieve. One way you can spot them is if they claim they are madly in love with you after a few weeks of chatting. It is purely impossible for that to happen and this person should be blocked or reported immediately.

Always remember it would be safe if you would keep your entire conversation on Facebook dating. If the person you are talking to tries to make up a reason then invites you to chat somewhere else like on WhatsApp or even Telegram then you should report or blog that person right away. After all, if you resume the conversation on Telegram then the person you are talking to always has the option to delete the conversation after he gets what he wants from you.

Other Information Related to Facebook dating and privacy

It is a common practice to Google the people you match up with so don’t hesitate to do so since that person will never find out that you did. You never know the stuff you will find online about that person but you should never assume all of that is true right away. Don’t forget to make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before you leave for the meetup.