How To Request a Refund On OkCupid Subscription? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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OkCupid is a US-based online dating website and app which now operates globally. OkCupid features multiple-choice questions to match members together and find the perfect partners or great friends.

How to request a refund on your OkCupid subscription?

Many of the OkCupid features are free, however, if you have signed up for a subscription you can cancel your OkCupid subscription at any time.

If you want to cancel your OkCupid subscription before the subscription has ended you, you will still have access to your premium account for the remaining time left in your subscription.

For example, if your subscription is due to expire at the end of the month, and you cancel your subscription on the 15th of the month, you will still have access to your premium account features until the end of the month. Whilst this is a positive feature if you still want to use your premium account for a little while, it does mean that OkCupid will not offer you an automatic refund for the rest of the time you have already paid for.

How to request a refund an OkCupid subscription on an iPhone?

OKCupid does not have access to payment details for purchases made through the App Store. This means that OkCupid cannot refund, cancel or adjust subscription payments made through their own app.

Therefore, if you made a purchase through the app, and you want to cancel or amend your subscription you will need to go through the Apple Support services to do this.

Apple says that some purchases may be eligible for a refund, and any device which can connect to the internet can be used to request a refund. To do this you will need to sign into reports, then click on ‘I’d like to’ and then choose ‘Request a refund’.

You will then be asked to choose a reason why you want a refund, then choose ‘Next’. Here you will be asked to choose the app or subscription you would like to request a refund for. You can also cancel the subscription here. If you have many subscription services on your iPhone, it is important to check that you have selected the correct subscription service.

After following the above steps, at a later stage, you will be able to check the status of your refund request. If you have any issues with the above, you can contact Apple Support.

OkCupid Refund Policy

They have a lengthy Terms and Conditions policy, which includes their official refund policies. This states that generally, all purchases are final and non refundable, and no refunds are offered for partially used periods. However, on their website, OkCupid say that they try to be reasonable about refunds.

As set out above, if you purchased an OkCupid subscription through the App, refunds are handled directly by Apple. If you purchased an OkCupid subscription another way, you will need to contact OkCupid Customer Service either via email or by mailing a signed and dated notice, stating you are canceling your agreement.

OkCupid’s terms and conditions even state that if your account is canceled for any reason you are not entitled to a refund.

If you are a user in the EU, UK, EEA or Switzerland, in accordance with the relevant laws you are entitled to a full refund in the first 14 days of your subscription.

Whilst the terms and conditions appear to be very restrictive for people seeking a refund on their OKCupid subscription, their website states that they do try to be reasonable when approached about refunds.

This includes circumstances where users have experienced serious issues with the website or app or bugs with the system, or if payment information was used without your permission as the bill payer. If these circumstances apply to you, and you want a refund on your OkCupid subscription, it is worth contacting their customer support.

Contact customer service to ask for a refund

OkCupid says they have a friendly customer service team to help you with queries. They have carefully designed their help pages to address most issues and customer questions, but there are sometimes occasions where you want to speak to someone directly.

If the help pages do not give you the answers you need, then you can always try to contact their customer service team.

OkCupid does not have a customer service phone number. Instead, in order to contact the OkCupid customer service team you will need to use the ‘contact us forms’ on the website or app or send them an email.

As with most companies, OkCupid has an active social media presence, and if you have a query you need resolving this can be a good avenue to ensure that you get a response.

As you can see from the above, OkCupid does not generally issue refunds on their subscription services, but there are a limited number of circumstances where they may offer you a refund at their discretion.