How To Fix Hinge Shadowban? + Shadowban Explained [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Surfing on dating applications for hours and hours and still not hitting any luck is a complete bummer. This circumstance might occur for a few different reasons, and sometimes users tend to consider this a phenomenon and then directly blame it on the application developer itself.

In this article, we will dive into the idea of the shadowban and how it works on different online dating apps, more specifically “Hinge“.

What is Hinge Shadowban?

The term Shadowban is very common to social media users. Later on, with the emergence of online dating applications, this term expands. Now, if you have been around on any dating apps, you probably heard the word “Shadowbanned”

“Hinge shadowban” means that the person’s account is hidden from other users. Although, it appears to work as if everything is usually working. They will use the app the same way they typically do, but the users won’t be able to meet anyone. Because they receive no likes on Hinge, some individuals assume this is a thing.

It doesn’t matter whether Hinge developers are intentionally confusing or if it’s just a problem; people chose to blame the application rather than focus on their profiles, pictures, profile bios, and communication skills, which is the more apparent remedy.

Dating apps may shadowban for several reasons.

Users may be shadowbanned for many reasons, the first of which is a violation of the community’s rules. Using a computer to manipulate matches is a violation of the community standards. Any third-party or hacker activity on dating apps is strictly prohibited.

No Matches on Hinge

Suppose you’re recently receiving poor matches, no reactions, or no receive messages. In that case, it’s not because your account has been shadowbanned or the Hinge developers have banned your account for some unknown reason.

If you’ve been shadowbanned, it’s probably because someone else has reported your account. It is possible that Hinge may temporarily block your account if they have found enough allegations to be legitimate. If this occurs, you have the right to contact customer support through the app and have an appeal made.

How to fix a Hinge Shadowban?

There could be a couple of explanations why you’ve been shadowbanned on Hinge. One cause might be that you have a questionable identity or have been reported for spamming or breaking the rules of Hinge service.

Another possible reason is that this might be a tear-jerking explanation, but it is most likely that your profile is not that appealing to others. The best course of action is to erase your current account and start again with a fresh one to solve this dilemma.

If you get banned, the duration of a Hinge suspension is determined by the seriousness of the offense. In most cases, a first violation can lead to a 24-hour break, while future violations will create a consequence of a 7-day suspension or more.

Many Hinge users believe that erasing and resetting their account would result in a slight increase in matches result, instead of deleting and establishing a new profile. That could be possible since Hinge may wish to keep customers once they decide to take a break or want to observe how to present matching progress.

This is totally natural, and Hinge recognizes this by allowing users to suspend their accounts. On Hinge, individuals may pause their account to prevent their profile from being seen by new people and new users. It has no bearing on recent matches.

Hinge Shadowban vs. Ban

What is the difference between a Hinge shadowban and a Hinge ban?

Shadowbanning, sometimes referred to as stealth banning, or ghost banned, and comment prohibiting is suspect to be the process of some application developers by excluding a person or users on their presence in the online community. This causes inconvenience to some users since they are not visible to others. The worst part is shadowbanned users are unaware of their exclusion.

On the other hand, banned users are simply developers blocking the users from accessing the application since they commit a proven violation of the app rules.

Other information related to Hinge Shadowban

Even if the idea of Shadowbanning is still a myth, it is better to observe this circumstance and report it to the developers immediately. If you experience low matches and results, you will think that your account is not visible to the others.

Contact the developers to provide you solutions, but before panicking and ranting on the customer service, better to double-check your profile. Is your bio appealing? Are your hobbies and like appealing enough? Or the sad part is, does your face deserve that much attention?