What Does Deleted Member Mean On Bumble? [Explained In 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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What does the text saying “Deleted Member” mean on Bumble? Great question, but first, is the following scenario familiar to you?

You have a very exciting conversation going on with someone but once you check out your conversation with her and you see that you no longer see a profile picture only a text that says that she is a deleted member. You can’t believe that she would unmatch you as everything was going to the right direction.

We will explain to you what this deleted member thing means in the Bumble guide, and we are also going to cover how you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

What does deleted member mean on Bumble?

Bumble Deleted Member

When you see that someone is a Deleted Member on the Bumble chat conversation you have with her, it means that the profile has no longer access to her Bumble account.

So, it doesn’t mean that the person has deliberately unmatched you as the conversation you had with her would have then also disappeared. Here is a quick video if you want to identify if someone unmatched you on Bumble:

When does Deletes Member appear on a profile?

The Deleted Member text on Bumble can show up in a profile in two cases.

When the person has decided to delete her Bumble account permanently. In this case, she won’t be able to log back in to her account, so there is no way you can continue the conversation you had with her later.

The other case is when her account has been banned or using Bumble’s term her account has been blocked because of some violations of community guidelines. Bumble bans are also permanent decisions, so she won’t get her Bumble account back.

Can I message a Deleted Member on Bumble?

No, as the person doesn’t have access to her account anymore, Bumble won’t allow you to text her and you won’t be able to see her profile as well, as her pictures and any information on her bio has also been deleted.

How not to lose contact when this Deleted Member text shows up?

In 99.9% of cases when this Deleted Member text is displayed on someone’s Bumble profile, it means you won’t be able to continue the conversation with her on Bumble.

This is one of the reasons, it is very important to get someone’s contact information as soon as you feel it makes sense as you want to meet up with the person. You can get her phone number or getting access to one of her social accounts where she is active also tends to work.

In this case, you won’t have to worry that one day Bumble just blocks her account, and the promising relationship is doomed.

Bumble deleted member vs Bumble deleted user

Bumble Deleted User

Bumble used to display the label Deleted User on the conversation you had with the deleted profile but apparently, they have changed it to Deleted Member recently as it might be more unambiguous what it means.

A lot of people misunderstood it and thought that the profile has unmatched them but as we know it is not the case. This is the reason they changed it to Deleted Member that is more difficult to misunderstand.

Frequently Asked Questions – Deleted members on Bumble

How to know if someone deleted their Bumble account?

When someone deleted their account or when her account was blocked after you had matched with him or her you will see a Deleted Member label displayed on the top of the conversation you had with her.

When does the Deleted Member text is displayed on a profile?

It can show up in the cases, when someone has deleted their Bumble account or when Bumble has decided to block his account because of violations of community guidelines.

When do I know if I was unmatched on Bumble or someone deleted their Bumble profile?

When you open up the conversation with her, you can see a label saying Deleted Member. In this case, you cannot see her profile picture or open her profile and you cannot continue the conversation with her. In this case, you can be sure that she didn’t unmatch you but deleted her Bumble account.