How To Delete A SingleParentMeet Account? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

How do I delete my SingleParentMeet account? This is a question that most people who may want to terminate this dating site ask. Just like any other dating site, there are steps that one needs to follow to delete the account from their devices. Below are steps to follow when deleting the single parent meet account but first…

Why would someone want to delete their SingleParentMeet account?

When you meet someone

The goal of joining the site and even subscribing is so you can find someone to start a relationship with. So, once you meet someone you would want to grow a relationship with, the best thing to do is delete the account so you can focus on them.

Note that meeting someone does not necessarily mean you found them on the site. It could be you were introduced to one another or through a mutual friend. In such a case, deleting the dating app is recommendable if you see the potential of the relationship growing

If it is not working for you

You are not guaranteed that you will succeed in finding someone you are compatible with on this site. So, instead of paying a subscription and yet you are not finding good connections, the best thing to do is delete the account and maybe try other sites. The review on this site is not too high as not many people have been lucky to find a partner on the site. Also, it is a site that has not been in existence for long; so it may not work for all people.

How to delete a SingleParentMeet account?

Here is how to delete a SingleParentMeet account:

  1. Login to your single parent meet account and go to the settings on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Then maneuver through the settings to the “my account” option and click on it
  3. Scroll down through the account until you get to “view account status and click on it
  4. Select “account status change”, and your profile will pop up among other options
  5. Then click on “remove my profile permanently to remove the account

Note that you will be asked a few questions with answers regarding why you wish to delete the account. The site also gives options of typing your reason for wanting to delete the account.

What happens when you delete a SingleParentMeet account?

Apart from the fact that you will not get any notifications or can’t access the account (unless you sign up again), your account details will be erased. These include; your pictures, email, phone numbers, and all records saved on the site.

Can you reactivate a deleted SingleParentMeet account?

No. once you delete your single parent dating account, you cannot reactivate it again. If you want to access the dating site you will have to sign up afresh.

However, if you opt to hide your profile temporarily, you can reactive it back whenever you are ready to use it. In such a case, your account details will stay on the site, but you will not be visible on the site.

Can’t delete the SingleParentMeet account, why?

Your subscription is still on.

If you had a subscription, unsubscribe first before deleting the account. Otherwise, you will always get an error or fail to delete the account if the subscription is still running. You can cancel the subscription online or contact your bank to remove the account from accessing any payment.

Low internet connection.

If the internet connection in the surrounding is down, you will have a hard time deleting the account. So, sort out your internet problem and restart the process again.

The device has hung.

If you have been using your device to browse for a long time, it can easily hang resulting in the deletion process slowing down. Thus, reboot your device and start the process all over again.


If you plan to exit the single parent meet account, these are the easy steps you need to follow to delete your account. Make sure to unsubscribe first before you delete your account, as this may cause the account deletion delay. Also, if you are having problems deleting your account, restart your phone and check your internet connection as it could be any of the two issues.

For those who may need to access the account after some time, hide the account instead of deleting it. Deleting the accounts means erasing everything saved on the account, while hiding allows you to access your details once you are back!