SingleParentMeet Review: Is It Legit & Worth It? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

Finding love again as a single parent is almost impossible as you have so many responsibilities that require your attention. So, finding extra time to go out and meet new people is not easy.

However, all hope is not lost as dating sites like are dedicated to connecting single parents looking for love. Does this dating site work and is it genuine? Well, stick around as we are going to give a detailed review of Single Parent Meet and what features it has that may appease you.

SingleParentMeet review

First, let’s go over the main SingleParentMeet features, their benefits and the things we don’t like about SingleParentMeet.

SingleParentMeet features

Excellent flow of potential date

Although this is not a very populated dating site as opposed to others, we can’t say that this is not a reliable dating site to find love as a single parent. So far, statistics show that over 40,000 people visit the site every month, which allows the singles to have multiple people to socialize and connect with.

singleparentmeet review

More intentional

Unlike other sites that are populated with all singles looking for love and other types of relationships, this site is only for single parents. So, only members with like minds and probably the same goal of connecting with other single parents are available here. So, finding a match on such a site is quite easy.

Variety of search options

The site features a search bar whereby you can key in the preference of the person you would wish to connect with. Are you looking for a single parent with one kid or more, do you need a person of the same state or city as you, a person of the same religious belief and so on?

Use any keyword of your choice to find the “one” on this site. However, note that the page constantly uploads profiles of different singles signed up. So, you can browse through these profiles as you check the one that matches your intentions.

Interest pop-ups

It is easy to check or monitor people who are interested in you. I mean, once you sign up on the site, your profile will be visible to all members. So, if someone likes you and would like to start a conversation with you, they will send you a notification of” am interested”. Then from your end, you have the option of clicking yes, or no if you don’t want to connect with them. This setting helps to avoid unnecessary messaging from people you don’t like.

User friendly

If you are wondering if you can access this app through your smartphone then the answer is yes. It is available on both iOS and Android devices to download. So, you can check out new connections from wherever you are.

Mutual connection alert

This dating site is set in a way that it instantly connects you with a person who matches your descriptions also referred to as “mutual interests”

Pros of

  • This site is easy to use as it is available on smart devices too
  • The site allows you to choose your preferred match while still connecting you with the available mutual options
  • It is unique as it is only ideal for single parents
  • There are multiple ways to connect and communicate
  • This dating site is available to most states
  • We can say it is affordable

Cons of

  • Although the site says it is free, it has a high limitation because free members cannot see or send messages to others. In other words, this site is not entirely free. You have to pay to access major features.
  • It does’nt have customer care help which inconveniences those who may need help in using the page.
  • Sometimes the page can suggest different mutual interests that one may not like

Is SingleParentMeet Free? Does, It have a free trial?

To elaborate on this, is free to join and browse through the available profiles.

However, you cannot read or send messages on a free mode. So, you may receive messages from other people but you have to sign up for a package to access the messages to read and reply.

How much does SingleParentMeet cost?

The price rates are paid in three packages; one month, three months and six months. Roughly they charge $15.29 per month, $8.49/month for 3 months, or $5.94/month for 6 months. This site also runs a promotional payment rate given monthly.

Is SingleParentMeet worth it?

Yes, if you are a single parent looking to connect with other single parents, then this is a safe app. There has not been any case of scamming since you can only get to interact with other singles when you pay

. So, only a person who is seriously looking for love would sign up with the site. This site is easy to maneuver as it has multiple people; giving you a chance for broader interactions.