How To Delete An Okcupid Account Permanently? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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For most people, men and girls alike, online dating is a love and hate relationship platform, and this is true not just for OkCupid but also for tinder and other dating apps existing in modern times.

Most people will erase their accounts due to the sheer aggravation they experience as a result of not being able to find someone who matches their standards. If you are one of these people, this article can help you with how to delete an OkCupid account permanently.

How To delete an OkCupid account?

Here is how to delete an OkCupid account permanently:

  • Step 1: Access the Okcupid webpage. If you are already logged in, good. If not, locate the Sign button in the upper right corner of the page, enter your email address and password, and press sign-in. All right, you’re on your account.
  • Step 2: On the top right corner of the page, click your profile picture icon.
  • Step 3: Once you click your profile picture, a drop-down menu will appear. Click settings.
  • Step 4: After clicking. It will transfer you to the settings page. Here you can see additional site configurations. Click “My Account”
    • My Account
    • Notifications and Apps
    • Privacy
    • Subscriptions
  • Step 5: Scroll all the way down, and you will see “Need a break? Go here to disable or delete your account”. Click the hyperlink “Go here.”
  • Step 6: A notification will appear on your screen. Here you have two options
    • Disable account
    • Delete Account
      • Press Delete Account.
  • Step 7: another notification will pop up asking for the reason for your account deletion, choose anything on the choices, and then press delete.
  • Step 8. A final notification will appear once pressing the “delete account” button. Press confirms, and then there you go, you deleted your account permanently!

What happens when you delete an OkCupid account?

You will lose access to your data and will not be able to recover it forever. But, if you decide that you want to make a new OkCupid account, you can use the same email address you used to create your previous account.

Can you reactivate a deleted OkCupid account?

When you delete your OkCupid account, that’s the end of it. You will not be able to recover or reactivate your account. Everything associated with that account has been completely erased. You may now create a new account with the same name as your previous one and use the same email.

What is the difference between Deleting vs. disabling an OkCupid account?

What will happen if you delete your OkCupid account?

You will no longer have access to your data and will be unable to restore it in the future. Nonetheless, if you prefer to register a new OkCupid account, you may use the same email address to create your previous account.

What will happen if you disable your Okcupid account?

You will be able to recover all of your previous information, data, photographs, and messages if you disable or deactivate your account. When you log back in, your account will appear to be deleted, but it will be reactivated, and all of your data will be retrieved.

FAQ  – Delete OkCupid account

What will happen If you have paid for a subscription and then I disable my account?

OkCupid will pause the billing and the OkCupid subscription fee once your account is disabled. However, if you reopen your account after your subscription expiry date has passed, you will be required to pay for your membership again. On the other hand, We will terminate your membership permanently if you remove your account.

What will happen If I pay my subscription through iTunes or Google Play?

Since those applications don’t know if your OkCupid account is already deactivated, recovered, or even canceled, they will not pause or cancel your membership, and you will be charged continuously. To close your OkCupid account, you must cancel your membership with them apart from canceling your OkCupid account.

For more information about canceling your Okcupid Subscription, visit their official website.


You have the complete freedom of deleting your account from OkCupid, but you must be aware that after you have deleted your OkCupid account, you will not be able to reactivate it.