How to Delete a Facebook Dating Profile? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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If you want to know how to delete your Facebook dating account, you have landed in the right place.

Now, there could be a plethora of reasons that you have decided to discontinue its services, so regardless of the actual reasons, deleting a Facebook dating profile is not difficult at all.

So, here is how to delete a Facebook dating profile. Follow the steps mentioned below to delete your dating profile from Facebook successfully.

How to delete Facebook dating profile?

Here is how to delete a Facebook dating profile:

Step 1: Open up the Facebook application on your device, Android or iPhone.

Step 2: To launch the menu, you have to click on the three horizontal bars that you will see on the extreme bottom-right corner of your device’s screen.

Step 3: Scroll down, and you will find the option “Dating.” Tap on Dating.

Step 4: Look at your extreme top-right corner of the screen; you will find a gear symbol. Tap on that symbol, and you will access the Settings.

Step 5: Now, after you get to the settings page, tap on “General.” You can find this link on the top-right of the Settings page.

Step 6: From the Account menu, you have to select “Delete Profile.”

Step 7: Right after you click on “Delete Profile,” you will be asked to justify your action with a reason. If you wish, you may provide a reason, or else tap “Next.”

Step 8: Now that you have tapped “Next,” they will provide you with an alternative. Yes, you will be asked to “Take a Break,” where there will be no need to delete your profile.

Step 9: If you wish to delete your profile, click on “Delete Profile.” It will remove your profile and all other data linked with it.

Step 10: Complete the verification process, and it is done.

Note – If you click on “Take a Break,” you will not delete your profile, and some of your chats and matches may be preserved. However, the preserved chats and matches will not be accessible anymore on the application.

If you do not like this feature, you can disable it and instantly restore full and proper functionality to the account.

What Happens When You Delete a Facebook Dating Profile

If you want to know what happens after you delete your dating profile, here is what happens to your account.

When you make a Facebook dating account, data like your name age, together with the pages and groups you like, are fetched to prepare your unique dating profile on Facebook.

Now, when you delete your Facebook dating profile, you lose your account, lose its display picture or profile picture, and other data like Dating answers, matches, likes, and conversations as well.

Let me tell you that, after deleting your profile, you won’t recover the data associated with the account at all costs. However, when you delete your profile, your friends will still be able to look up the chats they had with you because deleting your profile will not delete chats from your friends’ dating inbox.

Note – After deleting your profile, you must wait for seven days before you decide to make a new dating profile on Facebook. Furthermore, deleting your Facebook dating profile will not hamper your Facebook account. However, if you delete your Facebook account, it will also delete your Facebook dating account.

Can You Restore Deleted Facebook Dating Profile?

Like any other dating platform, Facebook Dating Application follows the same protocols. It keeps some of your overall dating information. Now, what if you delete your dating account?

Unfortunately, after you delete your Facebook dating profile, you will not recover your account.

If you wish to recover your account, you can choose the option “Take a Break.”

Can’t Delete Facebook Dating Account

If you can’t delete your Facebook dating account, then there are chances that you have removed the shortcut that you have generated from within the app.

Deleting the shortcut tab does not delete your dating account from Facebook. If you want to properly delete your Facebook dating account, you may follow the steps mentioned above.

It is pretty easy to do so, no matter which device you’re using.