How Much Does Coffee Meets Bagel Premium Cost? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

Coffee Meets Bagel is an exciting online dating platform, which launched in 2012. It uses its own in-house algorithm to find you the perfect match.

They provide a range of interesting features, many of which are available without having to purchase a full subscription plan. If you have been asking yourself, ‘How much does Coffee Meet Bagel cost?’ read below to find out.

How much does Coffee Meets Bagel cost?

Coffee Meets Bagel provides free basic membership, with no introductory costs or ongoing fees. This account is fairly limited, but importantly it is not time-limited, so you could have a free membership forever.

For paid memberships, Coffee Meets Bagel has a very simple pricing plan, whereby they only have one level of premium membership. If you want to try out Coffee Meets Bagel, but don’t want to make a long-term commitment to the app, they offer a 1-month premium subscription at $34.99 per month.

As with most subscription services, Coffee Meets Bagel, provides discounts for longer membership options, for example, the 12-month membership costs $15.00 per month. This is a great saving on the one-month membership costs, but you will need to balance this against committing for a longer period of time.

When compared to other similar dating platforms, Coffee Meets Bagel’s monthly subscriptions are a similar price, however, they offer great savings if you pay for an annual subscription. If you take up this offer, they end out being cheaper than many of their competitors.

Coffee Meets Bagel annual vs monthly prices

As with many subscription services, Coffee Meets Bagel provides much better value for money if you were to purchase a 12-month subscription when compared to shorter subscriptions, such as a month.

If you were to purchase a 12-month Premium Membership subscription this would cost you $179.99. If you were to use Coffee Meets Bagel’s 1-month subscription service for a whole year, this would cost you $419.88. Therefore, the 12-month subscription saves you around 55%.

If you are looking at the longer membership lengths, whilst this offers great savings you will need to balance this against the longer-term commitment you need to make to the app.

It is also important to note that if you are purchasing a Premium membership of 3 months or longer from Coffee Meets Bagel, you will have to pay for this upfront rather than monthly. This could be an important consideration if the upfront fees of $74,99, $119.99, or $179.99 seem like a lot to you.

All of the payment is handled through Google Play or the Apple App Store. This leaves you with many potential payment options, even including gift cards, on top of the more commonly used credit/debit cards and PayPal. As with most subscription services, your subscription will include an auto-renewal feature, so make a note of when your membership is due to expire to avoid any unwanted subscription fees.

Coffee Meets Bagel free plan vs premium membership

Coffee Meets Bagel offer a free subscription with an unlimited time period. With a basic account, you can create your account and upload your dating pictures. You can use this to get a look and feel of the app. You can just leave your account there and wait for potential partners to contact you, or you can purchase Coffee Meets Bagel’s ‘beans’, its in-app currency, without a paid premium membership.

Interestingly, the features of Premium Membership vary depending on if you use an iPhone or Android devices. iPhone users will get more features, but Android users will get most monthly ‘beans’, which area currency within Coffee Meets Bagel, which can be used to purchase additional benefits.

As part of the premium membership, both iPhone users and Android users will receive activity reports, read receipts from their messages and one monthly boost. iPhone users will receive 15% more Bonus Beans than non-premium members, eight monthly likes in Discover and unlimited ‘skip the line’ opportunities.

Android users do not get the additional benefits of bonus beans, monthly likes or skip the line, but they are rewarded with 6,000 free beans, worth $49.98.

The read receipts feature from Coffee Meets Bagel, will let you know when someone you are interested in has read your message. The platform’s activity reports will let you know user habits within the app, which you can use to your advantage to find your perfect match.

Coffee Meets Bagel premium free trial

If you want to give Coffee Meets Bagel a try, but you aren’t yet fully sure if it is right for you, then thankfully they offer a premium free trial. Whilst it might not give you all of the benefits of the full premium membership, it is a useful starting point if you want to give it a try without committing to a paid membership.

By reading the above, you will now be able to find out how much Coffee Meet Bagel costs. The basic membership option is a great starting point if you want to give it a try.