What is BeNaughty? – Is BeNaughty Legit or a Scam? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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BeNaughty is a dating website for men and women interested in hookups, flirting and casual affairs. Benaughty is part of Together network which was founded in 2000 and includes other similar dating websites.

What is BeNaughty?

Benaughty is a dating website, for members who do not wish to waste their time sending messages and want to find a hookup quickly. In addition to men and women, couples, gay and lesbians can also register at Benaughty to find a suitable hookup.

what is benaughty

Benaughty has 13 million users monthly making it is easier for members to find a suitable date. Both women and men can register for free. The registration process on Benaughty is very quick and convenient, members decide how much information they will share. Benaughty tries to ensure that there are only genuine members registered, fake profiles are deleted.

Members can also access Benaughty from their Android smartphones. Unlike most other dating websites where only premium members can send messages, all women members can send messages for free.

Benaughty has a larger proportion of female members compared to most dating websites, approximately 60% of the members are female.

This makes it popular among men who wish to contact more women. However, it is not suitable for individuals who are looking for serious or long-term relationships.

How does BeNaughty work?

While anyone can register at BeNaughty for free, only female members can access many of the features like unlimited messaging for free. Male members can read the messages which they receive, send winks to other members for free and add profiles to their favorite list.

They can also check who is online and the new members list for free. Members can search for a suitable hookup based on location, preferences and other features

Benaughty is very popular because the women members are very active, sending messages to a large number of other members. This makes it easier for men to find a hookup quickly.

Additionally realizing that men may not wish to spend more money initially without checking the features of the website, Benaughty allows men to become members for one day or week for $1 or less, which most men will be willing to spend. This daily and weekly cost is far less than the cost of membership on most dating websites.

How much does BeNaughty cost?

Most of the features of BeNaughty, especially unlimited messaging are free for women members.

Some of the additional paid Benaughty features for women are premium dater for $26.49 per month, additional security for $12.60 /month and for $17.92 /month. Realizing that some men are interested in membership for only a short term, BeNaughty allows men to become members for one day, paying $.99 and the one-week membership is priced at $1.

One month full membership for men will cost $28.80 and the monthly cost will be lowest if the member subscribes for three months, since the monthly cost is $16.20/month or $48.60 for three months.

Members interested in registering should be aware that there may be promotions and discount offers to help them reduce the membership cost. Also, the membership plans may be revised periodically.

Is BeNaughty legit and worth paying for?

There are a large number of members of Benaughty who have used the site to find hookups and are extremely happy with the features. These members have posted positive reviews of Benaughty online. Most of the members are younger, usually less than 35 in age.

Since messaging on Benaughty is free for female members, members are more likely to get messages compared to other dating websites where only paid members can send messages. Often members will get messages soon after registration since their profile is featured on the front page. So for men interested in hookups, Benaughty is legit and affordable, especially in the short term.

Men who do not wish to pay for membership initially can also create a free Benaughty profile and check the response they receive. They can open the messages they receive for free and if they are interested in responding, they can pay for the one-day or one-week membership.