How To Delete A BeNaughty Account Permanently? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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BeNaughty is a casual hook-up website that has millions of members that are active scattered all over the world. However, you might not use it anymore and  then you would want to delete your BeNaughty account.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete a BeNaughty account, step by step.

How to Delete a BeNaughty Account?

First, you must open any web browser you like then go to the website of BeNaughty. After that, you must log on to your account then open Settings. Go towards the bottom of the menu then choose ‘Remove Account’.

From there, you will be asked to once again re-enter your password since this is one of those actions where there is no turning back.

After that, you will be given numerous options to select from and there is no question what you must choose and it is to Remove profile, contacts, and personal information. The next step would be to confirm that you are indeed going to delete your BeNaughty account.

It is evident you would want nothing more than to cancel your account and they are aware of that so they will send you a cancellation code via email When that is over, the next thing you would need to do it right away since the code is good for just a day.

After that, go back to the website and enter the code as they will most likely ask for your password again.

Once you enter your password, you will receive a Thank You message from them. Yes, you will most likely receive an email confirmation that your account has been deleted.

What Happens When You Delete a BeNaughty Account?

It is evident BeNaughty won’t be able to email you anymore the moment you cancel your BeNaughty subscription. Also, you will lose everything you created including all the messages you sent to all your prospects there. You will also lose all the matches you had and all the photos that you uploaded.

Can You Reactivate a Deleted BeNaughty Account?

When you delete your BeNaughty account, you won’t be able to reactivate it so better make sure that your decision is final. The only way to get back to BeNaughty account would be to start a new profile.

However, all the things that you created in the past would be lost so you would have no choice but to go back to square one.

Can’t Delete a BeNaughty Account

One reason why you can’t delete your BeNaughty account would be a connection error on their part. Surely, you can’t blame this on yourself. There is also the chance that it is a connection error on your Internet connection so you must transfer to a place that has a good Internet connection.

It would be normal to contact the customer service team of BeNaughty once you find out that you can’t delete your account there. The good news is that there are many ways to contact them like phone, email, and mail.

Their address and contact numbers are on the website so they are not ashamed to take your inquiries as they would want nothing more than to help you right away with what you are currently experiencing.

Other Information Related to Deleting a BeNaughty Account

When you are thinking of deleting your BeNaughty account, you could think twice about it because it is not that high nor that low. Besides, you would get your money’s worth when you are always going out and meeting the other members there not only in your area but in other countries.

It will indeed be a lot of fun when you get to become a member of this website because you can send unlimited messages to the other members there.

There will always be guys wondering if there are more men than women on this website. The good news is that women actually have messaging capabilities even if they are on a free account which would tempt a lot of men to join the website.

There is no reason to cancel your account on this website because of encountering numerous fake profiles because you can always have those profiles removed when you report them to admin as soon as possible.