What Is BBPeopleMeet? How To Meet Big & Beautiful Singles? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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If you’re looking to meet someone, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whilst it is seemingly easy to meet someone through work or by socializing, it doesn’t always work. This is where a dating website like BBPeopleMeet can be a helping hand and do some of the work for you, saving you considerable time and effort.

What is BBPeopleMeet?

Essentially BBPeopleMeet is an online niche dating website. It is different from other dating websites because it markets itself specifically as a place where larger men and women (big and beautiful people) can meet someone to have a casual or serious relationship with.

what is bbpeoplemeet - big & beautiful people

Although BBPeopleMeet is open to people of any body shape and size, their target demographic is overweight men and women. As you would expect, BBPeopleMeet has zero tolerance for body discrimination or fat-shaming.

BBPeopeMeet isn’t a dating site for casual encounters or people looking for erotic adventures. It is for people looking to have a relationship, albeit a serious or casual one. Alternatively, people can use it just to find a penfriend.

How does BBPeopleMeet work? How To Meet Big & Beautiful Singles?

It is free to set up a profile on BBPeopleMeet. You can upload photos, browse and enter details about your hobbies, education, occupation, and lifestyle in the “About Me” section. In addition, you need to add up to three interests or hobbies, answer some questions about your personality and choose up to four questions that matches can answer when they send you a message.

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can browse profiles by clicking on the “I’m Interested” or “Today’s Matches” options. You will be shown one profile at a time and you can respond with a yes or no before moving on to the next profile.

Alternatively, you can use the “Who Do You Like” feature on the home page. This puts two profiles next to each other and you can vote for the one that you prefer.

When browsing, if you like the look of someone, you can send them a “flirt” or like one of their photos to start connecting with them. However, with a free membership, you aren’t able to view your “flirts”, “faves” or photo likes.

How much does BBPeopleMeet cost?

If you upgrade your membership, this gives you the option to send other members messages, either by email or through instant messaging.

By upgrading you can also use the “flirt” and “fave” facilities, where the site lets you view who has flirted with you and also who has clicked on you as a favorite.

In addition, you can see who has liked your photos and comment on other people’s photos.

Subscription costs are $14.99 for a month, which works out at just $3.75 a week. Alternatively, you can pay $42.00 upfront for six months subscription, and make a 61% saving. This offer also includes a free profile highlight.

There is also a one-off $3.95 processing fee, which applies to any upgrade.

Is BBPeopleMeet legit and worth paying for?

BBPeopleMeet is a legitimate website and worth pursuing if it meets your requirements. However, based on user reviews there are quite a lot of fraudulent accounts, which suggests that their verification is not as tight as it could be.

This could be enough to put people off, but if you are vigilant and don’t give away too much personal information about yourself, it shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem.

In terms of cost, BBPeopleMeet is one of the cheaper websites, and the six months subscription offer is good value for money. Payment can be made by credit card or through PayPal.

Summary of Pros and Cons of BBPeopleMeet

There are several advantages to using BBPeopleMeet. The website also has the option to download an app, so you can access it whilst you’re out and about. It is also easy to navigate and user-friendly. The profiles also give you a lot of information about each possible match, meaning that you can make a more informed decision.

BBPeopleMeet offers a welcoming environment for larger people of whatever sexual orientation to meet online without experiencing prejudice.