How To Delete Seeking Arrangements Account? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Seeking Arrangements is a sugar daddy dating site where you can find your loved one if you are single. If you have achieved the purpose for which you have been on the website and now want to delete your Seeking Arrangements account then in this article we have discussed how you can do so.

How To Delete Seeking Arrangements account?

To delete your Seeking Arrangements Account, you need to visit its website as it can’t be done from the application. Below are given the steps to follow on a browser to delete your Seeking Arrangements account:

  1. First of all login your account into the website with the help of your Gmail and password.
  2. After login, check the left-top corner of the screen, there you’ll get a drop-down menu, click on it.
  3. On clicking the drop-down menu a settings option will appear on the drop-down, don’t wait just click it.
  4. Down the page there will be a “Deactivate Account” preference, click on it. You may have to look a little more to find it.
  5. There will be a list or column of reasons asking why you like to deactivate/delete your Seeking Account, select your one.
  6. Click the Deactivate Now option and confirm your process.

After you have completed this process, your Seeking Arrangements Account will be deleted permanently but for some reason, your private data may stay with the organizations for some days after deleting your account.

What Happens When You Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account?

Your profile will disappear from the search and not be visible to other users on deactivating or deleting your Seeking Arrangements Account.

If you permanently delete your account then some of your information will be stored with the company but not be visible and available to other users. The company stores some information for analytical work and keeping records and to prevent themselves and you from frauds who seek to collect fees and enforce their service conditions.

You will not be able to access or receive any messages from your matches and will be concealed from future matches as well, on deleting/deactivating your Seeking ArrangementsAccount.

You might know that  doesn’t have any refund policy on Premium Seeking Arrangements subscriptions. Therefore, deleting your account permanently can lose your money. You can even claim the unused time left after deleting your Premium membership account. Therefore, delete it thoughtfully!

Deletion of your account is a permanent thing and you can’t do it “undone” after the process confirmation, it is reversible. You can’t restore your account once you proceed with the deletion process. You have to make a new account and buy a premium membership again if you want to use the Seeking Arrangements Account again.

Can you recover a deleted Seeking Arrangements profile?

Account deletion is permanent and thus can’t be reversed but if you have changed your mind in between and before confirming the action, there are possibilities of pausing a delete of the Seeking Account.

If you want to pause your premium membership then now Seeking Arrangements allows it. You can take a pause and then return to enjoy it. You can pause it for 30,60 or 90 days!

Can’t Delete Seeking Arrangements Account

There can be various reasons why you are not able to delete your Seeking Arrangements Account, slow or no internet access, trying to do it from a mobile application, forgetting your password or email from which you have a login to account, forgetting to confirm the process can be among those several reasons.

These are not very big problems but can irritate you with this. So you can solve them in the following ways:

  1. First of all, check if the internet connection is proper and not slow, if it is all set then look for another problem.
  2. Remember if you are using only Seeking’s website to delete the profile and not trying to use the application.
  3. If you have forgotten your password then click on the help option or “forget your password?”
  4. After completing all the procedures, check whether you have conformed to them.

Even if these things don’t help you, then go to the page and help section of the website, put your query there and wait for some time.