What Is Ashley Madison? – How Does Ashley Madison Work? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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There are more and more dating sites every year and they cater to all tastes and needs. No matter what it is you’re looking for in a relationship, there’s a site for you to find the perfect match. Ashley Madison is one of those sites but it stands out, and for good reason.

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a dating site designed for people in marriages or committed relationships that are interested in having an affair. Whether it’s caused by frustration or boredom in the relationship, evidence of partner infidelity and a desire for revenge or simple curiosity, this is your site.

what is ashley madison

It’s discreet so your personal business stays that way and everyone on the site is motivated so you don’t need to worry about your messages not getting returned or people not looking at your profile. People on the site are looking for everything from hookups to flings to more serious affairs and the site is a reliable source for all three. If a series of flings is what you’re looking for, the site can provide matches for each one.

It’s as modern as it’s premise and the interface is intuitive in use. Another good feature of this site is that its chat history disappears so your SO won’t see them.

Additional users of this site may be people that are single looking for a fling and people in open or polygamous relationships.

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

Ashley Madison allows you to create a basic account for free, which gives you access to other peoples’ profiles. However, there are requirements for payment if you want to interact with other users. The site uses a credit system to track payments.

This means that men will need to use a given number of credits to interact with another user. They purchase a set amount of credits then use them in the course of interactions with other users on the site.

Women don’t need credits to interact with other users on the site. This is partly why their site remains so active, despite the cost. Things you can do with your credits include messaging (5 credits per message) and live to chat with another user (50 credits for first hour, 30 credits for second hour, and 20 credits for every hour after that).

How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost?

Ashley Madison offers three different credit packages: Basic (100 credits for $59), Classic (500 credits for $169), and Elite ($1000 credits for $289). This is in addition to a monthly subscription fee of $29.99.

These fees fluctuate based on region and any promotions currently available. Unless you specify otherwise, the site will automatically “Top Up” your credits when you run out, even if it’s not the end of the month, so that’s something you want to look out for if trying to limit the cost of using Ashley Madison.

Is Ashley Madison Legit and Is It Worth Paying For?

Ashley Madison is a legitimate dating site and though expensive would be worth the cost for someone interested in having an affair. Whether it’s a simple fling or a more serious affair that you’re looking for this site is an active, discreet site that can find just the right match for you.

As long as you’re active, create a well-thought-out profile, are upfront about what you want, and don’t have unrealistic expectations, you’ll find your match on Ashley Madison.

There are scammers on the site (just like any dating site) so use caution in initiating contact or sending individuals money. With that word of caution in mind, Ashley Madison isn’t the one scamming users and will not scam you if you sign up with them.


Ashley Madison is a dating site designed for those looking for an affair. It’s discreet, extremely active, and has a high success rate with finding matches. It is also very expensive to use

If you are aware of how much you’re spending every month for the service and understand exactly how the credit system works, this shouldn’t be detrimental past what you’re willing to spend.

Remember, whatever your reason for having an affair, Ashley Madison has what you need to find a good match without anyone else knowing about it.