How Much Does Ashley Madison Credits/Subscription Cost? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Ashley Madison is one of the most popular dating websites for married people and other open-minded persons interested in having an affair. But how much do Ashley Madison subscriptions and credits cost that are necessary for using this dating website?

Ashley Madison’s credits explained

On Ashley Madison, women can send messages for free, while men can communicate with others if they purchase a package. While other dating websites are subscription-based, on Ashley Madison, the male members have to purchase credits.

The Ashley Madison credits are then used for accessing features on Ashley Madison, like sending messages to women who the member is interested in. The Ashley Madiso credits can also be used for accessing other features like highlighting the member profile for 30 days so that it is more attractive to other members, and sending virtual gifts to women the member is interested in.

One of the advantages of using credits compared to subscription is that the credits do not expire so that if a member is not using Ashley Madison for a few months, the credits in his account will not expire, unlike subscriptions which are wasted if the member is not active on the website.

Members who pay for credits can decide if they wish to remain in contact with the members they have communicated with earlier. For this, the member has to pay a monthly initiated contact ( MIC) fee of $29.99 to Ashley Madison. Members can purchase the credits using the button on the home page of their account

How much do Ashley Madison credits cost?

Men who are interested in dating often ask How much does Ashley Madison costs? The price of the Ashley Madison credits depends on the number of credits purchased at a time.

Members who have a limited budget or wish to check the features of Ashley Madison can initially purchase the basic package of 100 credits for $59 or $0.59 per credit.

Members who are planning to use the website regularly can purchase the classic package of 500 credits for $169 or approximately $0.34 per credit. For purchasing credits at the lowest price, the Elite package of 1000 credits is the best deal. The Elite package is priced at $289 or about $0.29 per credit. Members should check the website for the latest pricing, since Ashley Madison may revise their pricing anytime.

For the convenience of members, Ashley Madison offers multiple payment options. While credit, debit cards and PayPal are widely used for making payments online, members can also pay for the membership offline by sending a check to the address specified. The Ashley Madison profile details should be mentioned behind the check so that the right account is credited.

Additionally, members who value their privacy can also pay for credits using gift cards. There are a number of online/offline stores selling gift cards. Members should be aware that their credit card, PayPal account may be automatically charged monthly if they opt for some of the upgraded features.

Ashley Madison free plan vs paid membership

Like most dating websites, Ashley Madison tries to attract more women. All features of the website are free for female members. Men who wish to check out the features of the website can register for a free 30-day trial.

The free plan is suitable for women and men who are using the website for the first time. Men who are interested in having an affair, and seriously looking for suitable women in the area where they reside should consider purchasing credits.

The member should consider the time he will be spending on the website, having an affair and purchasing a suitable credit package.

Ashley Madison free trial

Since many men are not willing to pay money without checking the features, to increase the number of men registered on Ashley Madison, a free 30 days trial is offered.

Men can register for free, create their profile with their photo and use the features like sending, opening messages, initiating conversations with women for free, during the trial period. If they find that they are meeting interesting women, they can purchase credits after the trial period is over, so that they can send messages to anyone they are interested in.