Silver Singles Free Trial in 2022 – Is Silver Singles Free?

Written by: John Branson
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It is normal for people over the age of 50 to give up on their love life completely as it is evident that you will have a hard time meeting someone who is single at that age. Silver Singles is a dating website worth a try for serious singles.

Is Silver Singles free?

You can opt for either the free or paid version of Silver Singles when you sign up. The free version would let you take a personality test so that they would match you with the people based on your personality. This is a huge move out of the usual dating apps that match people based on location.

Matching people based on personality is actually a great idea because you would instantly have a lot in common with your matches if ever you do match.

If you match based on location then you will need to think of things that you can talk about but now the ball will immediately roll once you have the same traits as someone you match with. It is evident you are one step closer to securing a long-term relationship with someone over the age of 50 on Silver Singles.

Silver Singles free vs paid membership

The biggest difference between a paid membership and a free one is the ability to send and receive messages. Yes, your Inbox will basically be empty if you choose the free membership. When it comes to the free membership, there is really no time limit to trying it out as you can try it out for as long as you like and make a decision on moving to a paid membership whenever you wish so there is no pressure on you.

You can see blurred profile photos if you avail of the paid option as those things can make you a bit curious after some time. It would be hard to imagine what the person would look like if you are on a free account because all the profile pictures are blurred.

Yes, the free trial is a way to get used to the features of the dating website but you will never know what the other members really look like until you advance to the paid membership.

Once you switch to a paid membership, you will be able to see who viewed your profile. Of course, you can’t blame yourself for thinking those who viewed you has an interest in you. Also, a paid membership will allow you to read receipts in your Inbox for future reference.

Silver Singles free trial

The Silver Singles free trial has a “Have you Met” feature that exposes you to singles that you have yet to meet but is actually close to you. Most people would love the fact that you won’t encounter any form of advertisements apart from the Silver Singles banner in the free trial.

The longer you stay on the website, the better chance you have of gaining matches in some form and you even have the ability to add those matches to a favorites list based not only on their looks but other things as well such as interests.

Despite the fact that you can’t send messages, you can still see who among the members there sent you messages. It is evident you are going to feel the itch to reply to those people and the only way to do that would be to advance to a paid membership.

Also, a Silver Singles free trial would allow you to narrow down the people that come up in your search results by filtering them as it is normal for many people to come out when you search for something that is too common.

Other Information Related to Silver Singles free trial and pricing

When you upgrade to the paid membership, you will need to pay at least $27.95 per month as that would depend on the length of the membership as there is a chance for that amount to be lower or even higher.

As evident by other dating websites, you will pay a lower amount if the membership you chose to avail of would be longer. For example, an annual membership would certainly be cheaper than a monthly membership.